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Jasdeep Mago, (Clinical NeuroPsychologist)

Jasdeep Mago, is a neuropsychologist and counsellor who practices in Mumbai. She obtained her unique master’s degree from Bangor University in Wales, United Kingdom, in 2014. After her return to India, she did her internship at Sion Hospital, in the Psychiatry OPD, eventually establishing her own practice in 2016. Sadly, Jasdeep reached a point in her career where she recognized that the need for public awareness supersedes the goals of personal practice after losing a dear friend to suicide. Today, along with Jay Punjabi, she runs an organization called Invisible Illness that works to de-stigmatize mental illnesses, so that those who do need help can seek it without feelings of shame or fear. She also holds seminars in workplaces, colleges, schools and other organizations, arming the next generation with an arsenal of knowledge that will help in the fight against mental health disorders!