3 Genius Hair Hacks for Winter-Time TLC

by Allayurveda
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Winter can be harsh on your hair with unruly frizz, flaky scalp and brittle ends. Cold weather hair is in need of a lot of tender loving care. Use our winter hair tips to get through static attacks and dandruff dust for lovely locks.

The real culprits of wild winter hair are the dry weather outdoors and heated air indoors. Also, if you cover your hair with a hat, the material rubs against your strands to create a static charge. We have the answered your winter hair care woes that’ll make you proud of your mane.

Winter Hair Care Tips

1. Question: I am embarrassed to step out in public because my shoulders covered in unsightly white flakes. I have tried using many different dandruff shampoos but they keep coming back. Also, the shampoos are making my hair dry and it seems to resist all attempts at styling. How to take care of hair in winter naturally?

_ÑÓ Nikhil L., storekeeper

Answer: Winter can dry out your scalp and make it itch, which leads to dandruff. Make oil treatments a regular part of your winter hair care routine. Warm up a little hair oil and add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to it. Massage on your scalp, going from root to tip. Ayurvedic hair oils containing bhringaraj, amla, hibiscus and tulsi can rid your scalp of scales. Make sure to eat foods rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids like nuts, spinach, turnips, pumpkins and red peppers.

2. Question: Though it’s freezing outside, I am scared to wear a sweater or scarf because the static tears my hair. There are huge hair balls on my winter wear and my comb. I have also started to see more split ends along with my hair breakage. What do I do to reverse the damage?

_ÑÓ Rena T., marketing intern

Answer: Winter is a time when love static is in the air. This is like an automatic push button that generates frizzy, straw-like strands. Make a deep conditioning protein hair mask for natural hair care in winter. For this mask, mix together one egg and a mashed avocado with a few drops of olive oil. Use this mask weekly. Avoid plastic combs as they increase static apart which is an important element for hair care in winter with home remedies.

Wash your hair using only lukewarm water instead of hot water as it dehydrates hair. Use cold water for the last rinse to lock in the moisture and make your hair sleek and smooth.

Apply some leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz spray to tame your tresses. Sugar water works like magic on flyaway hair. Just mix a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of water to give your hair some hold.

3. Question: I have long hair but during winter it just sticks to my scalp. My hair has become extremely dull and lifeless with basically no bounce. What should I do to get my shiny, happy hair once again?

_ÑÓ Priya H., student

Answer: Because hair tends to get dry and frizzy during winters, we overload it with styling products. These products can weigh hair down and also damage it in the long run as they are loaded with silicones and other harmful chemicals. The best part about natural hair care is that it nourishes your hair as it repairs. What you can do to bring back the bounce is to apply honey on your roots. Cover up your hair with a shower cap for about 30-40 minutes. When you rinse your hair you’ll have shiny strands that are damage-free.

Use a light conditioner only on the tips of your hair so that your scalp does not become greasy. Make sure your diet is chock-full of all the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to be healthy – protein, vitamins A, C & D and Omega 3.


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