3 Simple Tips to Beat Middle Child Syndrome

by Allayurveda
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Do you feel your kid is feeling neglected? Understand how to fix middle child syndrome and how to identify signs of middle child syndrome.

Middle Child Syndrome

If you are the middle child, learn how to deal with being the middle child. If you are a parent, understand middle child behavioral problems and how to fix them.


Middle children tend to feel unseen which can impact their self-esteem. They may be fully aware of their capabilities, but may still seek help from you to get things done, just for the attention. Middle children tend to have a lot of standards to uphold. They end up beating themselves up over the tiniest of failures. Due to feeling negligence, they forget important milestones such as goal setting. Middle children often end up feeling unloved and find it hard to find their place in the family. This does not mean they will not end up making friends or having relationships, however, these will come attached with a lot of insecurities and these kids take time to open up.

How to Overcome Middle Child Syndrome

These tips can help you deal with the middle child syndrome as a family.


Middle children often feel neglected as they feel no achievement of theirs is something their parents haven’t seen before in the first child. Try to show enthusiasm for all their achievements. Display fairness in all decisions around the house and try to divide your energy equally. We know it may be tough at times, with the younger child needing more attention, but even small things like making sure you show up on Sports Day can make a world of difference.

Quality Time

When you are juggling three kids, it may not always be possible to sit and have quality sessions with them separately. With your oldest needing your attention with school or college and your youngest needing help with learning to walk or eat on their own, your middle kid can end up feeling unloved. Try to make sure to have some quality time separately with your middle kid, without any other interruptions. Try taking your middle kid out for ice cream, just the two of you. This will help them feel special and noticed.

Decision-making in the Family

One of the best ways to eliminate feelings of unfairness is by delegating decision-making equally. Try letting your kids make decisions in turns. Each one gets to decide where or what to eat one time. Repeat this in rotation. Each kid has to do certain chores in rotation. This encourages feeling of fairness, equality and even encourages sibling bonding.


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