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5 Guidelines of Vedic Parenting

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What is Pancha Kutumba Sadhana

In Ayurveda, there are Vedic parenting guidelines; these are five fold and follow a specific order. These Ayurvedic guidelines are referred to as Pancha Kutumba Sadhana.

As mentioned above Pancha Kutumba Sadhana is a set of Vedic parenting guidelines. They are developed under the premise that children are constantly growing. Because of which parenting advice is a constant and ongoing process in leading child development. The five concepts of Pancha Kutumba Sadhana are based on teaching children and guiding them in these Ayurvedic specific traditions. The objective is to raise a respectable human being in today’s society where morals and values may be questionable. Let’s jump right into it.

The Five Tiers of Pancha Kutumba Sadhana


The parent-child relationship is crucial. As would almost seem obvious. Parents are largely influential on how a child develops from early years to that of early adulthood. In fact, several studies show that children under duress or those whom have faced neglect can suffer from physiological and psychological deficits. Therefore, fostering a loving environment for your child’s development is paramount.

Dharma Svagriha

This is the practice of encouraging spiritual growth in your child. This does not have to manifest in the strictest forms of creating a shrine of worship in your home, but perhaps encouragement towards the principles of spiritual morality, and that of leading a wholesome good life. That can lead to spiritual fulfillment.

Dharma Sambhasansa

This is the process of the parents guiding their children towards the Vedic concepts of eating and playing. About being healthy, with exercise and yoga. As well as the process of understanding the importance of nutrition and how that may or may not interact with one’s body. For a developing child, this understanding can act as an all-natural children’s immunity booster if brought in directly to their diet and upbringing.

Dharma Svadhyaya

This is the process which a child arrives upon in direct response to the above mentioned tiers. It is the process of self study and self improvement. This is really an ongoing work of any individual, at no point should we be so satisfied with ourselves that we hover on the chasm of becoming complacent.

Dharma Sanga

This is the fifth and final concept of Pancha Kutumba Sadhana. This is a simple process commonplace to both cultures in the East and West. It is the process of gaining a guru, or apprenticeship. In today’s modern environment, this could range from getting a job at a young age, volunteering, internship or an actual tradecraft apprenticeship. The value gained from these can span far wider than the simple knowledge of a craft.

We understanding that raising children is a full-time job, but keeping these concepts in mind can help you ensure that your child is capable of forging their own wonderful path.


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