5 Instagram Fitness Bloggers You Should be Following

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We at AllAyurveda, think it’s in our best interest to help keep you fit. That is why we have made a list of the top Instagram bloggers you should start following for tips and tricks on staying healthy.

Instagram Fitness Experts

Jeanette Jenkins: @MsJeanetteJenkins, she is LA-based celeb fitness trainer. You will find everything from fitness routines and moves to healthy recipes and healthy eating on her Instagram. She frequently shares motivational quotes and tips for positive thinking.

Arielle Calderon: @ariellesays, this fitness blogger tackle a major weight problem herself. She went viral when her fitness regime and healthy eating helped her lose 100 pounds while continuing a busy and balanced life. Her feed will give you daily lessons in determination plus meditation and positivity tips. You will also find colorful pictures of healthy snacks and foods.

Gabrielle Bernstein: @gabbyberstein, she is a published and well-established author. She is all about good, positive vibes. Her Instagram is filled with healthy juice recipes, meditation techniques and spreading positivity to attain inner peace.

Curtis Williams: @curtiswilliams17, he is a former pro football player. He is also the creator of Training CAMP. On his Instagram feed, you will find motivational videos of him doing squat jumps and battle ropes. You will also find new and improved exercises which you can try out to stay fit.

Adam Rosante: @adamrosante, he is the founder of People’s Bootcamp and also a well-established author. His Instagram feed is filled with a blend of high intensity workout techniques and incredibly delicious healthy foods. Most of the foods on his feed are so indulgent that you will not feel the need for a cheat day.

Apart from these bloggers, don’t forget to follow us @allayurveda for your daily dose of health tips, health foods and yoga asanas. We also thought we’d list down a simple health tip for today to get you started.

Tip of the Day: Benefits of Morning Yoga

It’s a known fact that yoga is highly beneficial for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Yoga can help you achieve metal wellness and inner peace. At the same time, it keeps you fit and ensures that you don’t gain those extra pounds. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour every morning before you head out to work to practice yoga. The best way to end a yoga session is by treating yourself to a gentle, calming massage. You can buy Ayurvedic oils for massage here. It will leave you feeling calm and relaxed through the day. Some cool yoga experts you can follow on Instagram for daily tips are: @yogaxpert, @chriskayoga and @yoga_girl.


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