5 Jokes Where Alok Nath was Just Plain Hilarious

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Okay, so we thought it’s time to have at least one article out there just for fun. Warning: This post has nothing to do with Ayurveda but definitely deals with some sanskaar . Some serious funny business going on here peeps. a little bit of laughter therapy never hurt no one. So, why is Alok Nath trending?

How It All Started

According to the rumors we heard, Kapil Sharma cracked a joke on Alok Nath during a show. The rest is history. After that the whole nation started tweeting jokes about him. They started creating their own tweets and Alok Nath memes about how ‘Alok Nath is so sanskaari.’ There were about 45,000 tweets about Alok Nath in a span of just 30 days. Most of the tweets revolved around most of the stereotypical roles played by the veteran actor, involving words like ‘sanskaari‘,’Babuji‘,and ‘Ashirwaad‘ to live up to the image he built up.

What we’re saying is, kudos to Alok Nath himself, for taking all the jokes and memes that built up the whole ‘Alok Nath trending’ story in such good spirit. He mentioned that he is not on Twitter or any other social media sites. It was his son that actually discovered that he was trending on social media and that it’s nothing serious. The actor admitted that he actually liked all the attention he was getting and is taking it all really well.

Alok Nath Sanskaari Memes

Since we did warn you at the start about this read being seriously funny, here are a few Alok Nath sanskaari jokes which were the highest trending.

“Alok Nath is so sanskaari that he removes his chappals before playing Temple Run.”

“Alok Nath never received salary, he always received pensions.”

“Alok Nath’s Whatsapp timestamp shows, ‘last kanyadaan done at’.”

“Alok Nath is so sanskaari that he closes his eyes when he takes a bath.”

“When Alok Nath gets asked out by a girl, he ‘betizones’ her.”

Hope you enjoyed this one folks, keep checking for more funny teasers from us soon.


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