5 Little Known Biohacks to Transform Yourself into a Superhero

by Allayurveda
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What on Earth are biohacks?

Biohacks or biohacking is something we have been doing since man first struck stone to make fire. It’s basically the best way to manipulate your actions with the intention to get results that are far better than what would be possible under “normal” conditions.

Here’s the simplest trick for biohacking your brain into better productivity. Imagine you were listening to smoooooth jazz versus headbanging to a rock ‘n’ roll beat. Which kind of music would you prefer to listen to if you were going out for a run? Yes! This is how we can OPTIMIZE our biology to do better.

Top 5 Biohacking Tips to Boost Your Health

Hack #1: Burst the Fat + Stress Bubble with Alternating Showers

Cold thermogenesis or icing can do wonders for your health by burning fat faster than usual and improving the quality of sleep. All you need to do take a contrast shower by alternating between 20 seconds of a cold shower and 10 seconds of a hot shower. Do this biohack for weight loss daily for 5 minutes and you’ll increase your pain tolerance, cut food cravings and also fix thyroid issues.

Learn more about the benefits of cold exposure here.

Hack #2: Make Your Brain Dance to a Different Beat

Pull out those headphones. Log onto Youtube. Play on.

Audio entrainment is the method to change the way your brain thinks using audio input. Choosing the right tunes can help in biohacking your brain with music to align your brainwaves with higher frequencies. Studies show that audio entrainment helps meditators create awareness 8x faster than regular meditation techniques.

Binaural beats are one example of audio brainwave entrainment. Enter into a meditative trance to train your brain to do more. Learn more here: (1), (2) and (3)

Hack #3: Earth-Grown Nutrients can Enrich Your Cup o’ Joe

If you like your daily cup of coffee but it gives you the jitters, try the grounding qualities of nootropic wonder herb Ashwagandha in your cuppa. This Ayurvedic herb can reduce anxiety, high blood pressure and cortisol levels; it is also a known adaptogen which means it can bounce your body back to normal from anything that can throw your system off. Other adaptogens that marry well with coffee or tea is tulsi (holy basil) and mulethi (licorice). Adding half a teaspoon of coconut charcoal to your coffee can help it “wash down” your digestive system as it follows your breakfast.

Hack #4: Make the Best Out of Waste

Carbon dioxide is treated as a waste product of the metabolic process, but it can make for a sweet biohack. To quote Ray Peat, Ph.D., “Breathing pure oxygen lowers the oxygen content of tissues; breathing rarefied air, or air with carbon dioxide, oxygenates and energizes the tissues; if this seems upside down, it’s because medical physiology has been taught upside down. And respiratory physiology holds the key to the special functions of all the organs, and to many of their basic pathological changes.”

Simply sit quietly with an empty stomach, until you feel relaxed. Breathe normally during this time. Now, hold your nose and see how long you can go before you feel the need to breathe again. As you hold your breath for longer you will start to feel more alert, have higher athletic endurance and regulate your pulse and breathing. Learn more about the “CP” or Control Pause technique here.

Hack #5: Shut Down Your System Fully

Top biohacks will include the most important part our day – sleep. Sleep is not enough till it’s deep because it’s all about the quality not quantity. Studies by the University of British Columbia showed that poor sleep quality can depreciate our overall health. Diffuse some lavender essential oil in your space to soothe the senses. Avoid caffeine post 5:00 p.m., turn off television and don’t surf the web to let your system prepare itself for shut down and recharge.


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