5 Mind Hacks to Erase Stress

by Allayurveda
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Bad news: There are times when we all feel overwhelmed with the stressful situations in life. Good news: There are some simple stress-busting mind hacks which you can do right in your office cubicle to get you from stressed to sorted within a few minutes.

Tip #1: Hit the ‘Delete’ button

On your computer, you can simply erase a typo with a single tap of a key. You can do the same thing for a thought that’s causing you stress. Say the word “Delete” loudly and clearly when you have a negative thought. This will help you sever ties with that thought and end its power over you. Now, go to your happy place and think of one thought that will fill that deleted space in your mind.

Tip #2: Rock yourself for comfort

Well, you no longer need Mum to rock you to sleep but you can definitely rock yourself to find your center. Self-rocking is among stress management techniques that can soothe you by the repetitive motion. Stand with your two feet firmly planted on the ground, weight balanced equally between them. Now, slowly rock your weight forward to the balls of your feet and hold there for a few seconds. Then, transfer all your weight to your left foot. Next, shift your weight to your right foot. Finally, return to your original position. This is a meditation-in-motion for lulling you into being stress-free. Another great way to rock yourself is to sway back and forth to the rhythm of some upbeat music.

Tip #3: Replace the labels

Be a silent observer of life as it happens. Unknowingly, we label each of our memories with ‘good’, ‘interesting’, ‘painful’, ‘ugly’, etc. This is how we program our brain and determine the reaction of our body. Remember that your cells are alive and they are listening so they can respond appropriately. To stress less, take a moment to judge how you want to label a certain situation. Your choice of label will decide what you get out of that situation. For example, if you label an experience as ‘helpful’, you will end up with taking away something positive from it in the long run.

Tip #4: Take a chill pill

Literally so! Whenever something that causes us anxiety occurs, we tend to react to the stressful situation with statements like _ÑÓ

“Oh no! What will I do now?”

“This is utterly awful.”

“I can’t believe I made such a terrible mistake”.

While this is the natural reaction to a challenging situation, you must understand that your thinking will be clearer if you remain calm and react less. Among destressing tips and techniques, you have underactive statements that will downplay the difficulty like _ÑÓ

“This is just a temporary situation.”

“I won’t remember any of this by next year.”

“So what? This isn’t such a big deal.”

These friendly statements will help you see the problem from a less acute angle and are the key to quick stress relief. When you get worked up, all you need to do is to stop and ask yourself, ‘How can I minimize this?’

Tip #5: Be your own scriptwriter

Often, in a crisis we spiral into negative thinking, imagining the worse outcome. Worry will feed on your fear and sink you, while hope will keep you afloat. Write your own happy endings like a pro novelist. Journal about it, adding more detail to the scenario so you see a positive event happen. The happy ending will give you hope when the possibilities look bleak. Another possibility is to play it out in your mind in an immersive situation when you use all your senses. When faced with the distressing situation, all you need to do is to take a deep breath and consciously recreate the happy ending you have chosen.


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