5-Minute Hairdos that will Transform Your Morning Routine

by Allayurveda
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Mornings can be taxing. We always want those two extra minutes of sleep which feel like two hours. Then boom, before you know it, you’re running late and your nicely planned easy-going morning has become not so easy. At times like these, who has the time to spend 30 minutes on a cool hairdo? Take a look at these quick and easy hairstyles for girls to make your everyday morning hairstyles super fun and stylish.

Simple Hairstyles for Everyday Style

These hairstyles will revolutionize your mornings and are real time savers.

The Double Volume Pony

Make your ponytails look twice as long, twice as strong and twice as thick.

Pull your hair above your ears in a half ponytail, leaving the rest of your hair loose. Pull the rest of your hair into another ponytail right below the first one. Backward comb and fluff up the top ponytail with a comb to create a sense of fullness, so that it hides the band around the lower ponytail.

The One-Sided Twist

This is a nice, neat look which allows you to let your hair down.

Divide a small section of your hair from one side, twist and twirl it and pull towards the side, away from your face. Secure the section with two bobby pins, crisscrossed against each other.

Half and Half

Pull your hair above your ears into a half ponytail, leaving some strands of hair loose around your face. Twist the lower strands of loose hair which are not part of the pony into twirls to create a nice tong effect. This will add some fullness to the style too. Let the loose strands in front fall near either side of your face, making it a perfect neat yet sexy work hairdo.

The Reverse Twist Pony

This is like a cool mix between a low ponytail and a chignon. Brush your hair into a low pony just about one inch above your neck. Twist the upper half of the ponytail into a chignon (a knot or a coil) and secure its position with several bobby pins. Leave the lower half of the ponytail loose.

There you have it. These are some of the quickest morning super stylish hairdos which won’t take up more than five minutes of your time. Enjoy your day ahead.


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