5 Natural Tips to Flaunt those Plush Pink Lips for Your Next Selfie

by Allayurveda
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Your lips are probably one of the most sensitive parts of your face. What’s worse is that they are constantly exposed to harsh conditions like sun, dust and dirt. Your lips don’t contain any oil glands so are unable to moisturize themselves. This makes it even more important that you take extra good care of them and keep them moisturized.

How To Make Lips Pink and Soft Naturally

No one enjoys having chapped lips, it’s not a pretty sight either. The skin on your lips are thin and delicate, so don’t keeping picking on them or peeling them. This can make them bleed and leave them sore. If you feel a certain oil or balm is not agreeing with your lip, then stop using it. Listen to your lips!

5 Ways to Get Pink Lips Naturally at Home

Causes of dark and dry lips could be due to exposure to sun and pollution, dehydration, excess caffeine, smoking and stress to name a few. Here are some home remedies for pink lips which can be sourced right in your kitchen to give you soft, kissable lips.


Yes, the superfood honey is back among natural lip care tips. Turns out your lips love it too. Honey has antibacterial properties which will heal cracks and cuts on your lips. Simply apply pure honey on your lips 4-5 times a day. Honey is also a humectant which means it helps retain moisture. Apply a mixture of honey with glycerin to keep your lips super soft and plump.


Rose extract can be extremely soothing for your skin. Take a few rose petals and soak them in milk for a few hours. Remove the rose petals and crush them to a paste. Apply this paste on your lips 3-4 times a day. This works as a natural lip moisturizer and is one of the best natural remedies for pink lips.


Pure organic coconut oil for dark lips works wonders. Coconut oil is really good for your lips and is one of the best dry lip treatments out there. Apply coconut oil on your lips every night before going to sleep. It will work wonders for you. You can also try a coconut oil lip balm.

Lifestyle Changes

One of the easiest ways to get your luscious pink lips back is by making simple lifestyle changes. Quit drinking tea or coffee, smoking and continuously licking your lips. Drink lots of water to keep your lips hydrated instead of licking your lips.

Lip Scrubs

Lips scrubs are extremely beneficial. Mix olive oil and sugar and massage gently on your lips for about five minutes. It’ll make your lips extremely smooth. Alternatively you can also go for honey and sugar, it’s a sweeter combo, literally!

Home Remedies for Dark Lips

Try mixing some turmeric and milk cream into a fine paste. Apply this on your lips every night before you go to sleep. This will wipe out all the dead cells overnight, removes darkness and retains moisture.

Start using these simple, homemade DIY lip care tips and start flaunting those pink lips in no time.


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