5 Unusual Ways to Meditate in Your Daily Life

by Allayurveda
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What do you imagine when you think of meditation? Sitting in a quiet room. Eyes shut while waiting for nirvana to happen. For city folks, this meditation style is almost impossible. While we all know that mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety, gives stress relief and makes us smarter, what we don’t know is where to meditate or how to meditate in our busy schedule. Get the benefits of meditation by trying these alternative meditation tips suggested by people, just like you and me.

The Daily Chores Meditation

Rushabh Vora, Event Curator

“We live a fast-paced life. In the mornings, I can barely have a ‘me moment’. I literally feel like a robot the entire day, so I once I am back I make sure to slow things down a bit. So whether it’s whipping up a meal or doing the laundry…I take my own sweet time.”

In the Buddhist tradition, there is a daily life meditation, also called the Samu Meditation. Here, practitioners, slow down their daily activities, to half the speed and use extra time to be mindful and aware of their surroundings. This technique helps in calming the mind after a hectic day.

The Staring Meditation

Beej Lakhani, Photographer

“There are times, when I have a set of meetings lined up throughout the day. And, while I wait for my clients at coffee shops, I tend to drift away for a few seconds. Either I’ll stare at my cup of tea, or I gaze at an object outside. This momentary disconnection helps freshen my mind, and helps me get off the daily clutter in my head.”

This form of everyday meditation, though unusual, does exist. It is called Trakaya or fixed-gazed meditation. Participants are encouraged to focus inward by staring at a fixed object, while standing or sitting. This unusual style of meditation has many benefits such as headache relief, lowering stress levels and improving focus. This meditation can be very intense, so start slowly: Stare at the object for 15-20 seconds and eventually build it up to 10-15 minutes.

The Dancing Meditation

Pearl Punjabi, Video Editor

“I spend the entire day on my computer. I love my job, but sometimes it can mentally drain me out. To save myself from being completely burnt-out, I take some time out to dance. According to me, it’s the best way to chill out after a tough day.”

Release your tension and get in touch with your instinct, with this form of meditation. Dance or Moving Meditation encourages participants to let go off their ego and surrender to the soothing rhythms and sounds. Can’t dance? Yell, jump, wiggle or simply sway. It feels amazing, trust us.

The Walking Meditation

Ridhi Merchant, Designer and Celebrity Stylist

“My job is ranges from sourcing fabrics to creating garments. Which means, I spend the entire day running around to fabric stores and tailors. Since I barely get the time to sit and meditate, I make sure to take those few seconds of awareness by walking slowly and focusing on myself.”

In the Zen tradition, the walking meditation is called Kinhin. Here, practitioners walk slowly and continuously while staying aware of the body and mind. The movement should be continuous, so pick an open space to roam around, take deep breaths and experience the motions of the body.

The Standing Meditation

Shruti Pathak, PR Executive

“Whether I am travelling to work or when I am at work, I am sitting 80 per cent of the time. This not only mentally tires me down, but I get a really bad lower back pain. So, now I make sure I stand for a few minutes, straight posture with my feet pointing out, about shoulder-width apart. Once in position, I do a full body scan, making myself aware of each body part. And, then I am ready to face a few more hours of my desk job.”

Your office desk is one of the best places to meditate! This standing meditation can promote a better sense of internal stability. It not only releases tension, but also brings awareness to every part of the body.


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