7 Energy Tips to Help Get Your Super Powers Back!

by Allayurveda
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Let’s face it – living in a fast paced world is no joke. Feeling that constant fatigue? Take a deep breathe and check out these simple lifestyle tips that will help get enough oomph to get through the day.

Get into Action Mode

Whether you’re waiting for that file to download or for that microwave to beep. Do a quick set of jumping jacks or a nice long stretch. These little exercise bursts will not only improve blood flow to the body and brain, but are also perfect ways to boost energy instantly.

Get Organised

Believe it or not, being systematic can also help get back your energy. Cluttered space equals a cluttered mind which can pull you into a dark negative space. When you think of everyday’s impending tasks, how angry, frustrated and inadequate do you feel? Very, right? Make life less cluttered and you shall see a mighty difference in your energy levels.

Sniff Some…

Have you ever sniffed an orange or lemon, and suddenly felt all refreshed? According to a Japanese study, the zesty scent of a citrus fruit contains linalool, that helps lower stress levels and peps you up.

Power Nap

Afternoons can be the hardest sometimes. To avoid that afternoon dip, take a short 20 to 30 minute catnap, any longer and you could wake up groggy. If it’s hard for you to sleep at any hour, try meditating. Simple mindfulness techniques will help control your stress levels and help in getting back your energy levels.

Chill Out

Feeling a complete lack of energy? Make a fresh fruit smoothie of your choice and top it up with ice. It is believed that nutrients are absorbed in your system faster via a beverage that’s cold versus the one that is of room temperature. If you don’t like your drinks cold, there is another option for you. Hold an ice cube on the back of your neck. More precisely, in the hollow place where your neck and head merge. This is a magic spot according to Chinese acupuncture and is called Feng Fu or ‘wind shelter’. Do this for about half an hour and repeat this procedure regularly, with making a two to three day break. This technique helps the body rejuvenate, keeps you disease-free and pumping with energy.

Sip Smart

Control the coffee urge and gravitate towards a rejuvenating cup of green or black tea. This energy boosting brew will not only uplift your spirits but the amino acid L-theanine will enhance your concentration and boost your energy.

Go Nuts

Make yourself a healthy trail mix of almonds, pistachios and walnuts. The energy-boosting super foods aka tree nuts contain arginine, which stimulate blood flow, allowing nutrients to move more quickly to your muscles. And, the repetitive munching of nuts, enhances serotonin production, which is a mood enhancer. A win-win situation!


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