7 Habits of Well-Groomed Men

by Mradula Mahajan
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An impeccably-groomed man always follows some definite habits that help him look his best. As your style evolves, so should your grooming routine.

There’s good reason to follow a routine or regimen when it comes to taking care of your skin and hair. Your body needs constant maintenance and some result-driven grooming habits are all you need!

Want to take your daily routine to the next level?

Here are seven essential habits a well-groomed man definitely follows:

1. Wear Weather-Appropriate Cologne

Your cologne or fragrance says a lot about your personal taste. You should always have your signature scents sorted as per the weather. Your cologne does not have to be loud and obvious. A spicy or herby scent will suit your winters, while lighter, citrusy scent will work best in spring and summer.

2. Become a Regular at Your Barber

This is considered as one of the most important regimens followed by every well-groomed man. They never need to be told that they require a haircut or a beard trim. They are already regular at a barber that helps them maintain their style.

3. Clean and Moisturize Daily

It’s a non-negotiable rule for skincare. You should cleanse and moisturize your skin, three times a day. You should always tend to your skin first thing in the morning, one time in the evening and at the end of the day, to get rid of all of the pollution and dirt it has been exposed to. Use an all-natural moisturizing lotion, which does not contain harmful chemicals and will provide clear skin.

4. Manscaping

Keep your pubic hair trimmed and neat. You should make sure to handle the sensitive task with the electrical razors that are specially designed for your nether regions. You should also use proper before and after-shave products.

5. Clip Those Nails

Most men shy away from getting a manicure and a pedicure but they should make sure that they are at least using a nail-clipper. It is not enough for your face to look well-groomed, you should also tend to those overgrown nails and foot-corns.

6. Wear Sunscreen

The ultraviolet rays, even in winter, has compelling strength to harm your skin. An impeccably-groomed man makes sure to avoid exposure to the sun by applying sunscreen lotion before they step outside their home. It helps them avoid skin damage and premature aging of the skin.

7. Take Care of Your Teeth

Maintaining a good dental hygiene helps avoid bad breath, plaque, cavities, and bleeding gums. It is important to brush, floss, and scrub the tongue. Also, your smile gets noticed by a woman more than you realize.


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You’d be surprised by how much of these above-mentioned simple habits can help change your appearance for good. Managing your hair and skin can breathe new life into your overall personality. You can be good-looking, but having dirty nails or dry skin will not really work out in your favor. So, get in the habit of some of these easy hacks!


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