7 Ways To Lift Yourself Out Of Heavy Thoughts

by Zan Kokalj
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Negative thoughts drain your hope and energy, making it difficult to accomplish daily tasks and communicate with other people. Such thoughts may sink in and remain with you until you do something to clear your mind.

It can be tempting to force thoughts out of your mind, but this method often backfires. The more you attempt not to think about something, the more you will end up thinking about it.

Here are the top 7 ways to lift yourself out of heavy thoughts that actually work.

talk about your problems

1. Take a Walk

In most cases, thoughts are products of the environment. Surrounding yourself with negative imagery or negative people can affect you in an undesirable manner. Consider taking a walk in uplifting place the like park, forest, and museum. As you go on a short adventure, you will encounter many positive things that will bring you peace of mind.

2. Change Your Perspective

Negative thinking can be a result of a poor perspective. Instead of thinking, “I’m having a difficult time,” and “I don’t know what to do anymore,” you should think “I’m currently facing tough challenges, but I’m looking for solutions.”

3. Meditate or Exercise

During physical exercises, the brain releases serotonin and dopamine. These hormones encourage good mood and happiness. Create a workout plan and make sure that you exercise at least five days a week. Consider performing breathing exercises for calming effects.

4. Talk About Your Problems

Heavy thoughts occur because you have emotions or problems you need to get out of your system. It is not healthy to keep everything to yourself. If there is something that needs to be addressed, talk about it with your partner or friend.

5. Change Your Body Language

Observe your body language for a minute. Are you frowning? Do you have a closed stance? Are you slouching? If yes, you are more likely to have dense and negative thoughts. Poor body language can result in lack of confidence. Open your stance, sit up straight, and smile often.

6. Surround Yourself with Optimistic People

Everyone has family members or friends who are downers. They always see failure around the next bend and relay worst-case scenarios. Keeping in touch with such people may change your behavior negatively. According to sociological studies, cultivating friendships with optimistic people helps to adopt positive behavior, attitude, and thoughts.

7. List Down What You’re Grateful For

In amidst of enormous problems, we often forget the good things that happened in our lives. When you’re experiencing heavy thoughts, focus on the good things that happened, tasks you accomplished, and everything you are grateful for no matter how big or small it may be.

Bundle Up!

how to stay away from negativity

Problems and stressful situations can cause us to have heavy thoughts throughout the day or before going to bed. What’s important is that you know how to deal with it by following any of these simple ways to lift yourself out of heavy thoughts. Consider practicing yoga or meditation regularly to experience quiet, centered, and unshakable level of mind.


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