A Cheatsheet of Diabetic Diet Foods to Lower After-Meal Blood Sugar

by Allayurveda
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“You have diabetes,” hearing those words come with the dread of hearing any form of medical bad news. Despite the fact that the doctor may continue to keep talking, you remain fixed your chair with a faint ringing in your ears. Several thoughts may run amok in your mind, all swirling with the thoughts of the demon you have yet to meet: diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the ability for one’s system to deal with insulin, the sugar police force of our body, is compromised. The body has difficulties dealing with sugar, which leads to elevated sugar levels (glucose) in the blood and poor metabolism of carbohydrates.

Ayurveda and Diabetes

There is hope yet! There are natural cures for diabetes that facilitate in repairing the body’s internal symptoms, and in some cases reversing diabetes. In Ayurveda, diabetes is also known as Prameha which suggests frequent urination with the presence of sugar. Ayurveda reveals that with dietary changes diabetes can be treated and cured. We’ve broken it down to an easy table for you to follow.

Herbs for Diabetics

Let’s start with herbs, for the sole reason that they be used to supplement the flavor of your diabetic diet foods. Then, we will get to the good stuff!

Fenugreek (Methi)

Reduces sugar and carbohydrate absorption

Additional Fact: Also reduce bodily inflammation, and the bitter nature counteracts sugar

Check out this video with a recipe for yummy and diabetic-friendly Methi Paratha

Jambu Fruit (Jamun)

Converts starch and sugars within the body

Additional Fact: Energy booster, a stimulant without the crash

Aloe Vera

Reduces blood fat content, aids in ulcer pain relief

Additional Fact: Great for skincare and burns


Reduces blood cholesterol (smells amazing!)

Additional Fact: Cinnamon is a natural thermogenic which aids in losing fat

Now that You can Season it, What Should You Actually Eat!?

Apart from these herbs for diabetes, here is a general menu for diabetes type 1. With most amazing diets, they all revolve around balance of your three main nutrients: proteins, carbs and fats.


There are several recipes that can boost your shopping list for the menu for diabetics. Having diabetes does mean that you have to compromise on flavorful foods, and with our shopping list you can eat well and live better.


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