A Primer on Astrology and its Insights

by Allayurveda
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What is Astrology?

Astrology is a study based on the belief that the movement of celestial bodies, like planets and stars, have a correlation to how things unfold on Earth. This could relate to the movement of the waves to interpersonal relationships. The study of astrology insights in Sanskrit is known as Jyotish which translates to the “knowledge of light.”

How to Learn Astrology

When it comes to learning astrology, it is best to follow an expert. As such we have a intro to Astrology video below for you. Accurate astrology comes with practice or by referring to an expert so please keep at it.

In Ayurveda, several times of practice and living like brewing certain tonics or having sex are done with relation to celestial bodies. For example, it is recommended to have sex during a full moon as it boosts stamina and fuels the libido.

Astrology is therefore one of the 6 principle facets of understanding the Vedas. In Ayurveda, the date of birth astrology is crucial. Even though Ayurveda treats the root of an individual's ailments. Astrology suggests that the date of birth of an individual provides a type of blueprint. Now this blueprint is able to predict the health of the infant to a certain degree. For instance, an expert astrologer may know that a child may have the propensity to develop diabetes.

As such there are Ayurvedic remedies and treatments to tackle diabetes. In addition, making lifestyle changes can also help facilitate preventing diabetes in totality. In this manner, astrology is used to supplement Ayurvedic medicine and treatments.

Astrology for the Soul

There is also evidence that supports that the study of astrological practices can help facilitate how we interact with life. Much like astrology at birth, a daily, weekly or monthly study of how the celestial bodies align can give you an edge over your day. Think of it as having a road map or cheat sheet of dos and don'ts on how to live your life daily.

There isn’t a lot of evidence to back up astrology apart from anecdotal stories. However, there is evidence that the distance from celestial bodies like the Earth and the Moon can affect tidal currents on Earth. Also, the Moon has a profound effect on your mind and mood on the Earth (this is also the Western concept of lunacy from the word "lunar" meaning 'of the Moon") . Something to look into for sure.


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