Ayurveda for Your Dog: Natural Remedies for Ticks and Aches

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We at AllAyurveda just love our doggies. We’re sure you do too, so here’s a few interesting ways you can let nature take care of your dog and steer away from the harmful chemicals which will do them no good. Take a look at how Ayurveda can help your dog say healthy.

Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

Try out this natural flea collar to keep away the ticks and fleas because we all know what a menace they can be. Use a bandana, long enough to fit round your dog’s neck. Take 1 teaspoon of unflavored vodka, 1 drop rosemary essential oil, 1 drop thyme essential oil and 1 drop lemongrass essential oil. Apply this solution on the bandana generously and tie loosely round your doggy's neck, ensuring that it isn’t uncomfortable. This works great as an itchy dog remedy and will keep the ticks and fleas at bay.

How to Treat Arthritis in Dogs

We tend to feel that arthritis is an age-related issue in our animals. That’s not necessarily the case though, there’s a lot more to it. Arthritis is also caused due to chronic inflammation. The best way to fight arthritis naturally for your furry friend is by killing the inflammation itself.

Firstly you should try to fix the leaky gut. Due to a poor diet, bigger holes than usual can start developing in your little pooch’s intestine. This allows big particles of unprocessed food particles to enter the bloodstream which in turn causes inflammation. A leaky gut can be caused due to a poor diet and excess drugs and vaccinations. To reduce inflammation, start feeding your dog grass-fed animals, which are sustainably raised. You could also try adding omega-3 fats and antioxidants in your dog’s diet. Antioxidants will fight free radicals which can cause diseases. This makes them the best choice to fight arthritis in your dog as it keeps your dog’s system well-oiled and functioning properly. You can also use some herbs to give your dog natural relief from joint pain. Start using ginger, licorice, horsetail and cayenne, they work well as a natural pain relief for dogs.

Best Food for Dogs

Take a look at some super healthy human foods for dogs.

Peanut Butter
You read that right guys! Peanut butter is great for your dog. Peanut butter works as a great treat because it actually takes your dog really long to finish since it’s so sticky and gooey. It’s loaded with proteins, vitamins and healthy fats. Always go for peanut butters which don’t contain sugar substitutes like xylitol which is not good for your dog.


Firstly, before you feed this to your dog, ensure that your dog isn't lactose intolerant then you’re good to go. Cheese is high in protein, calcium and is easy on the stomach. Always choose unprocessed cheeses.


Yogurt is loaded with good bacteria, protein and calcium. This makes it great for your dog, especially because it improves your dog’s digestive health. Try to pick a non-fat yogurt without any sweeteners.


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