Ayurveda, Vaccination and Immunity: The Real Gyaan

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A Scientific Stance on Ayurvedic Vaccination

There has been some controversy regarding pharmaceutical methods of vaccination. This article won’t go into that area much because well… (vaccinate your kids…). What it will do is give you the need-to-know about Ayurvedic vaccination and Ayurvedic immunisation.

What are Vaccines?

Foreign bodies that are in our blood stream cause the immune system to respond to remove the foreign body. The signs that your immune system is working is coughing, sneezing, fevers and inflammation.The immune system quarantines and remove the organism. Additionally, the immune system has special forces of fighting microorganisms. They are called B-cells and T-cells. They do two things, fight microbes, and secondly they record how to fight them. Thus, if the body was attacked by the same microbe twice it would be better prepared. A vaccination works on this principle, prepping the body for a foreign microbe attack.

Foreign pathogens are injected into the human body in a non-life threatening dose. They do this in three ways, a live version of the pathogen (in a non-life threatening dose), and a dead or inert pathogen. These pathogens are no longer life threatening unless the person receiving it already has a weak or compromised immune system.

The last method is the use of one part of a pathogen. This small part is called an antigen. What this does is allow the body to code a specific gene that will signal the immune response thereby mitigating any potential backlash from the vaccine. As research on vaccinations improve so will the efficacy of antigen-based vaccines. Making the body potentially stronger to any future threats from pathogens. For a a little more information we’ve linked Ted-Talk.

Ayurveda on Vaccination

Now that we’ve talked about the premise of vaccines, let’s talk about the Ayurvedic approach. Ayurveda does not necessarily have an Ayurvedic vaccination in the Western sense. Ayurveda, in some cases, can consider the introducing of pathogens even if in a controlled environment as potentially dangerous. However, as mentioned earlier stronger immune symptoms are more receptive to vaccinations. They respond better because it’s a healthier system. Ayurveda works on this premise.

Swarna Prashana

Ayurveda has the Swarna Bindu Prashana which is a tonic that you can administer to boost your child’s immunity. Especially if you are considering vaccinating your child, this might be a good option for you.

How to Make Swarna Prashana

Combine 1 part ghee, 2 parts honey, and one needle head of gold bhasma (real gold dust). Ensure the honey is unheated and aged for at least 2 months to activate it, and the gold bhasma must be of high quality. For additional information on how to administer Swarna Prashana click here.

The best thing about Ayurvedic immunisation is that multiple experimental studies show that Swarna Prashana is immuno-modulatory, arrests the activity of free radicals, controls stress levels and is analgesic/anti-inflammatory in nature. So boost your child’s immunity with Ayurveda!

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