Ayurvedic Secrets to Naturally Boost Your Energy

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Ayurvedic Energy Rejuvenation Practices

Today’s hustle and bustle can have you bogged down. You may feel inclined to reach for a sugary drink or a caffeinated beverage but don’t. We have a list of energy increasing herbs and practices to help you get over the energy slump without the crash.

The Litmus Test

The best thing about Ayurvedic rejuvenation herbs is that they work on giving you the boost you need without the after effect of a crash. Think of it like this: If you can take a supplement or herb in the morning to feel energized, but also take it at night and get your daily 8 hours of rest, then that’s best for your body. The rest are stimulants and we want to stay away from those.

Natural Supplements for Fatigue

Ayurveda often uses adaptogenic herbs for energy. These herbs are similar to taking OTC medication. They work by creating a sense of tranquility and focus. They differ from allopathic medication however, because they do not have the side effects of agitation or delayed drowsiness, so they make for excellent natural energy boosters.

Our Top Picks for Natural Energy Boosters


This herb is our personal rockstar. It reduces the effect of cortisol (our stress hormone) in the system. Doing so increases our energy reserves. Ashwagandha has also been shown to alleviate depression, help regulate blood sugar and stop inflammation. Many professional vegan body builders consider this power herb as all natural pre-workout supplement. In fact, studies have shown athletes to have a significant improvement in performance, over the span of 3 weeks, while taking this as a supplement to a healthy fitness routine. You can get Ashwagandha here.


Our second pick is Bala. This herb normalizes and balances the Vata and Pitta doshas in our systems. It can act as a body coolant and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Additionally, it soothes the nerves and muscle tissues when used as a massage oil thereby increasing our energy reserves. Check it out here.

Hydration is Key for Energy

You are like a watermelon. In that the majority of our body composition consists of water. Not replenishing this natural resource can leave us lethargic, fatigued and can even lead to dehydration or heat stroke. Drink your H2O!

Eat Nuts for Energy

Nuts and seeds are not only a great source of protein and fat. They are calorie dense and packed with energy boosting properties. Snack on a handful of them if you are feeling tired and feel an almost immediate boost and sense of clarity. Be careful because they are very calorically heavy though. So stick to a handful and no more.

A Balanced Diet for Energy Boosting

There isn’t enough to be said about this. It is crucial, and you do not have to compromise on taste to fuel your body. But fuel is the keyword here, fueling (and resting) your body is the best way to revitalize and nourish it. Besides, eating well can have other benefits too.

Exercise:The Fountain of Youthful Energy

Now that you’ve got your diet and supplements it’s time to move yourself. Our top pick for getting yourself a daily workout is a daily yoga routine.

Adopt these natural energy boosting strategies to stay at the top of your game always!


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