Bacterial Infections 101 and How to Beat Them

by Allayurveda
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What is a Bacterial Infection?

People think bacterial infections are synonymous with viral infections. Yes, they can both make you sick but not all bacteria is bad for you. It’s safe to say viruses are a no fly zone though. Specifically, bacteria does not attack the immunity of the cells where viruses attacks the cells directly.

How to Cure a Bacterial Infection

When examining cures for bacterial infection the allopathic method to curing yourself would be usually antibiotics. But here is why you should use antibiotics as a last resort in severity. (As a disclaimer if you are very unwell, please consult our doctors or head straight for your local emergency room or general practitioner’s office). That being said, you want to use antibiotics as a last resort primarily because they work particularly well. But bacteria can be crafty. If you use antibiotics too often, the bacteria can develop immunity to the antibiotics. There are other options, herbal antibiotics and antiviral herbs that can help in cases of bruises and infected cuts, or even fevers and colds.

Ayurvedic Ways to Cure Infections

In regards to Ayurveda, the knowledge behind antivirals and antibacterial medication is more or less in line with western medicine practices. The doshic balances have become imbalanced and taking or applying natural medication is a means to rebalance the doshas. Naturally, the type of medication you may need to take would vary greatly on how your dosha has been imbalanced. But here are a few natural ways to cure a bacterial infection.

Tummy Aches: For a bad tummy try adding a stick of cinnamon to your cup of tea. Cinnamon warms up Vata dosha and can help soothe your belly. Buy it here.

Toothaches: Toothaches can be horribly painful. Take a clove bud and let it sit on the infected area, it has naturally numbing properties and painkilling agents. Keep them in your mouth till you get to the dentist’s! Yes, you have to go there.

The Power Antibiotic: This guy is the beast, not only does it scare away vampires it is an all-natural antibacterial and can even be more effective than penicillin. We know you have some in your cupboard and it’s garlic. Get some here.

If you’re looking to make a clean sweep and live a better, more natural life check this out.

For a list of some antiviral herbs and their properties, here’s a ready reckoner.


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