Beach Body Workout + Diet to Get into Crazy Good Shape

by Allayurveda
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How to Get a Beach Body in a Month

Swimsuit season is upon us (or almost here!). If you are delaying shopping for your new swimsuit because you wish to tone your beach bod, we’ve got a beach body workout and diet routine to whip you into shape.

These weight loss tips for summer are about planning your workout and beach body diet so you can get your fab abs in a month.

Beach Body Workout

Here is a weekly plan on body weight workouts that will challenge your body like never before.

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat or soft surface

Day 1 = 50 crunches + 30 planks

Day 2 = 50 squat jacks + 15 planks

Day 3 = 50 donkey kicks + 50 kickdown crunches

Day 4 = 50 supermans + 75 tricep dips

Day 5 = 200 punches + 200 butt kicks

Day 6 = 50 wood chops + knee push ups

Day 7 = 75 mountain climbers + 100 Russian twists

Try this beach bodyweight circuit on a weekly basis to sculpt you for summer.

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Beach Body Diet

The focus of getting into great shape should always be eating clean. Ideally, eating clean needs to be part of your lifestyle year round and not just a quick fix for summertime.

If you want to get started on a weekly beach body nutrition plan, then making a transition to eating healthy in the long run will be much easier.

Week 1 = Cut out all junk. This means no refined foods, no sugar, no artificially flavored foods, no fries, etc.

You can have 1 cheat day this week.

Week 2 = Eat small servings, eat often

While you must avoid eating three hours prior to sleep time, eat throughout the day. 30 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrate, and 30 percent fat ratio is a balanced allotment.

You can have 1 cheat day this week.

Week 3 = Eat the rainbow, low GI foods

Colorful veggies that fill you up and have great flavor are great for giving you nutrition and keeping you satisfied.

You can have no cheat days this week.

Week 4 = Eat only whole, nothing that’s made by man

Eat whole foods such as fruit, raw or steamed vegetables, meat (without sauce), natural whole-grains, organic eggs, etc.

You can have no cheat days this week.

Download the No Whites Foods Grocery List by clicking on the picture below.

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