Beat the Post 30 Blues with these Yoga Moves and Exercises

by Allayurveda
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When we were kids, we couldn’t wait to grow older and become adults. Then once you become adults you want go back to being a child. It feels like once you reach the age of 20, time starts to whiz by you and sometimes you just want to hit the pause button. Once you get to the 30’s mark, your body starts to undergo lots of changes. Wrinkles come knocking on your door, bone mass and growth hormones dip dramatically and muscles loosen. Don’t worry though, you can still exercise in your 30’s to stay out on your #fitnessgoals.

Getting in Shape After 30

Getting fit after 30 is not as big a challenge as we may imagine it to be. It’s quite easy and just requires a little bit of dedication.


Yoga is possibly the best exercise for a 30 year old woman. It also helps improve your mental wellness and calm your mind. Here are some of the best anti-ageing yoga poses.

Tree Pose

Balance becomes increasingly more difficult as we grow older. The Tree Pose is a simple balancing posture to help improve your balance.


The Squat Pose helps protect your knees and joints from injuries, aches and pains.

Stand in Equal Standing or Samastithi posture with your feet together and arms at the sides. Keeping your feet together, start to bend as if you are going to sit in a chair. Only go as far as you can maintain balance, till this challenges your muscles. If you are struggling with balance, you can try reaching your arms straight ahead in front of you.

Plank Pose

The Plank Pose focuses on your upper body muscles which tend to weaken with age. You can even try this pose with your forearms if you feel there’s too much pressure on your wrists and they start to hurt.

Exercises for 30 Year Olds

Whatever age you might be at, it pays to keep stretching your muscles. We tend to sit for stretched periods of time because our jobs demand it. As we grow older, less blood starts to circulate to your joints and calcium deposits start to form. This is one of the causes for joint and bone aches. Stretching your muscles regularly through exercises and stretches helps to improve the blood circulation to your joints.


You should aim for at least 2-3 days of cardio training through the week. You don’t need to go in for an intense cardio session. Even a 30-minute workout should suffice. You can go in for brisk walking, jogging or moderate-intensity running. You can even try cycling.

Some other exercises which you should start practicing once you hit the 30’s benchmark.

Balance Push-Up: Targets the shoulders, chest and arms

Side Leg Scissors: Targets front and inner thighs, butt and hip flexors

Bridge Chest Press: Targets the chest, core and thighs

Pilates is another great option to start practicing once you hit your 30’s.

Start your journey to amazing yoga here.


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