Beat This Valentines Day Blues with these Feel Good Flicks

by Allayurveda
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Some of you lovely people may be riding the singles train this upcoming Valentines Day. That may come with a usual amount of crazy-pants jealousy of our smug, and happily enamored peers, or the urge to relentlessly stalk our exes. No Amit she will not take you back! But hark; there is hope, let go of the noose or that tub of ice-cream. If you are dreading the inevitable, here are some comedies, and feel good cinematic affairs to help you with the doom and gloom. It’ll be a hoot and a half!

Oldie but Goodie

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

This is one of the feel good movies that is a classic, starring Amir Khan who plays Sanju – a relatively poor, and carefree boy who attends a school named Model. Under the shadow of his older brother Ratan, Sanju yearns for his father’s adoration. The film culminates in a bicycle race between a clash of schools – rich vs. poor. Follow Sanju as he reels through boyhood loss, heartache, while shouldering the responsibility of a young man through this coming of age tale: a real heart-warmer and gear clincher.



An animated flick is a must-have on the list of movies that make you happy. Remy the rat is a French culinary genius, yet as circumstances would have it being a rat in a normally, rodent-free environment can have its downsides. Who would have thought? Finding himself beneath the restaurant of his hero, we watch Remy journey through a hilarious series of awkward events, running a kitchen, turning Paris on its head, and winning us over in this warm, and funny flick. Gordon Ramsay, eat your heart out.


The Hangover

This movie is un-freaking-real. Three friends Stu, Phil and Allan, lose the groom-to-be Doug after his bachelor party in Vegas. Needless to say the film follows the “wolf pack,” the morning after, while nursing a thunderous hangover, and dealing with the destruction left in their wake. Using a mixture of quick wit and slapstick comedy this movie is going to have you in stitches. This is one of those funny movie you could watch, wait 10 minutes after it’s done, and watch it again because it would be brand new!

Guilty Pleasures

Harry Potter(s)

So short of living under a rock, or traveling light years to get to Earth (greetings by the way), you have heard of the ‘boy who lived.’ And there are few feelings of awe, and wonder in the world like discovering Diagon Alley for the first time, or watching Hogwarts unfold in front of you while gliding along the Great Lake. Whatever your ‘shtick’ is, the Harry Potter series has it for you, all with a wave of wand, and a touch of magic.

But, if these funny movies weren’t for you click here for more lists, but remember we at love you this V-day! Grab the chocolate.


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