Beating Fatigue is a Lot Simpler Than You Think

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The Natural Way to Boost Energy Fast

With the recent trend of supplements and fad diets being all the rage it is often to get lost in the noise. What exactly should you supplement with? What are natural products? Are these really “healthy energy drinks?” Can you gain energy from using supplements?

Truth About Supplements and Ayurvedic Supplements

Here’s the thing, supplements in their core (especially the Western sense of the word 'supplement'), are meant to supply your diet with additional macro or micronutrients that your body may use. The fundamental difference is that you are already getting those macro and micronutrients from a well-balanced healthy diet. For example, a bodybuilder may use a natural protein supplement to help his body get the necessary amount of protein, which his body needs in order to effectively grow. This means that he is still eating his lean sources of naturally occurring protein like eggs or fish, but using whey (a byproduct of milk) to supplement his intake.

Ayurveda does have supplements in the Western sense but also in the sense that some natural herbs and remedies (like cinnamon) can be used to ease a person's constitution, help with digestion, etc. These are all-natural and have no side effects. Now, supplements aren’t just for gaining muscle via protein, they can be used for a whole host of benefits like focus, strength, fat loss, weight gain and specifically energy.

Ayurvedic Energy Boosters

A word of caution before starting any supplement regime – it is best to consult a doctor. That being said, there are two products that come to mind that several peer-reviewed journals; these may be ways to gain energy from natural products.

They are Ashwagandha and Bala.

Both these natural products are heavy hitters of natural supplementation. Ashwagandha has been sure to help reduce stress levels and provide energy over the span of a few weeks. It can even help boost strength levels.

Bala is another popular herb in Ayurveda. It is a well-known diuretic but is often also used by athletes and bodybuilders as it boosts physical endurance and reduces weaknesses. As an added bonus, bala can also help with asthma.


So understand that to boost your energy, gain strength or become more focused 99% comes from what you are already consuming. But if you are looking to gain that edge of energy try using Ashwagandha with Bala.


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