Become the Selfie Expert You Know You Are

by Allayurveda
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We are clearly part of the ‘selfie’ generation. With social media being such a major part of our lives, we must make sure we click a picture or selfie from our phones wherever we go, whatever we are doing to stay upbeat and on trend. Have you ever found it really difficult to get the right angle which makes you look super cute in your selfie? Let’s face it, no one wants to have a bad picture posted on social media. Take a look at some of the best ways to take selfies which will teach you how to take selfies like a pro. This means no more bad clicks on your Facebook account anymore.

Ways to Look More Attractive in Photos

These tips to looking good in pictures actually work and they will redefine your selfie experience!


Never be the first one or closest to the camera in a group selfie shot. It automatically puts you at a disadvantage. If you are taking a solo shot, make sure you position yourself to the top right or top left corner of the shot. This makes you look more compelling in the picture. It’s also all about the angles. Try different angles and see which one works best for you. While most of us already know which side is our ‘best’ side, it’s important that you try to incorporate that in your selfies. Avoid standing against the light. Adjust your angle as such to capture good lighting from the sides. Then there's always the great selfie stick to help you get better angled selfies.

Tilts and Full Length Shots

Try to tilt your face slightly in pictures, it helps give your features more depth as compared to facing the camera squarely or straight on. It also emphasizes cheekbones and face lines. Try to take full length shots from a slightly lower angle. This visually stretches your figure, making you look slimmer and taller. Also, when you are seated, ask your photographer to take the picture from a slightly higher angle, ensuring that you have to look up to face the camera in the shot.

Multiple Shots

Take multiple shots and keep reviewing them to check what’s working in the picture and what isn’t. Try different angles in different shots and watch out for distracting backgrounds. Too many clashing colors in one shot can take away the beauty from the frame.

Manual Adjustments

Always manually adjust the exposure on your phone to focus on the object. This rule holds true for selfies as well and is one of the best and most accurate cell phone photography tips. Manually adjusting the exposure can define how bright or dark your image is. It also ensures that the focus point is ideal in the shot. Try to avoid using the zoom feature unless absolutely necessary. Most phones contain digital zoom and not optical zoom which causes a loss in image quality when you zoom in.


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