Best Times to Have Sex for a More Satisfying Sex Life

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Okay, so here it is. Did you know that there are certain times in the month, or even in the day, when sex can get even better for you? Apart from this, sex can prove to be beneficial before big nerve-racking events too. Take a look at some of the best times to have sex for an intense orgasm and get your sex on!


Best Times to Get Busy

Let’s break the myth that ‘sex best times’ are at night. Check out these interesting tips.

Morning Glory

It’s almost as if our bodies are made for morning sex. It is at this time when testosterone levels in men are higher compared to the rest of the day. Energy levels are also higher than the day. Apart from this, the increase in oxytocin levels in women through sex can help elevate the mood and keep you and your partner bonded through the day.


Before Your Period

Sounds fishy, right? Here’s the thing, you might actually have an amazing orgasm just a day before your period. Due to blood accumulation, your uterus becomes heavy, this makes contractions more perceptible during the orgasm. Also, your clitoral tissue is more sensitive when you are retaining any kind of fluid. We know that a day before you get your period can be a grouchy one but you may want to give this a try.


After Working Out

Blood flow to the genital area is usually much higher after you work out, this will improve your reaction to erotic activity automatically. Apart from this, testosterone in men is also pumped up much more post workout. This means it’s probably a good idea to grab your man the next time he’s back from his workout.

Day 14 in Your Cycle

This is around the same time your body is ovulating. The clitoris usually grows bigger and becomes engorged easily during this time. This means you are likely to achieve an orgasmic stage easier and quicker on this day. You will also find yourself craving sex during this time. This is actually one of the best times to have a sex orgasm, since you are ovulating, it’s also your body’s natural way of trying to reproduce.


Sex and Ayurveda

Apart from these general tips on when you should be having sex, you can still spice up your sex life for you and your partner with these natural Ayurvedic remedies.


Shilajeet Tablets

Shilajeet has been known to cure premature ejaculation and induce energy and vigor in both men and women. It can help your partner last longer in bed which will ultimately ensure the both of you are more satisfied.


Vita-ex Gold Women

Vita-ex for women can help increase female libido. It also induces energy and vitality for a more satisfying experience. This Ayurvedic remedy can help cure sexual inability in the female reproductive system.


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