Best Ways To Boost Your Bala Or Energy

by Zan Kokalj
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Whether you’re after completing your work faster or wish to naturally enhance your performance, boosting your energy and strength, also known as bala, is a crucial factor to consider. In Ayurveda, the best way to start enhancing your energy is by building on your ojas, a special element responsible for vigor, immunity, and physical strength.

There are many ways through which you can boost your energy naturally and improve your quality of life.

Balanced Diet

A wholesome diet is the starting point for boosting your ojas. It does not only matter what you eat but also when and how much you eat. You should always strive to eat slowly and peacefully. Opt for 5 meals per day and eat less food per meal. You should always avoid overeating, divide your meals into small portions.

Select whole-grain products, unprocessed meats, vegetables, fruits, eggs, low-fat dairy products, nuts, and low-processed oils as a part of your nutrition plan.

Avoid foods that drain your energy:

  • Highly-processed foods such as frozen dishes and snacks
  • Highly-processed oils
  • Desserts rich is sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Refined grains

Energy-Boosting Foods

In addition to balancing your diet, you can support your vitality by providing your body with the following natural herbs.


This highly rejuvenating herb translates into ‘smell of a horse,’ as it is believed that the person who eats it will gain stallion-like vitality and strength. Ashwagandha is rich in revitalizing properties and capable of boosting one’s energy, endurance, and contentment. It can also help you deal with a tired mind by reducing anxiety, stress, and other harmful factors. Usually, the extract is prepared from the roots of the herb and consumed in the form of Ashwagandha tablets.


Shatavari is another ancient solution for boosting stamina, energy, and endurance. It is specifically popular amongst women, as it is also known to encourage healthy breast milk production. It is commonly consumed in the form of powder or capsules. As an effective antioxidant, this herb can also help you reduce fatigue and boost your immunity.


By strengthening the immune system and nourishing your brain cells, Chyawanprash makes it to the list of must-have Ayurvedic remedy. Besides making your body stronger, it will also support heart-function and digestion.


A daily dose of this powerful antioxidant can help you flush toxins from your body and improve brain functioning. Brahmi is known to boost your energy levels by focusing on improving your mental state and rejuvenating you from within.

Physical Activities

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Regular physical activities, even if it lasts for only half an hour per day, has incredible effects on your body. It will not only improve your digestion and immunity but will also help you develop your cognitive abilities such as memorizing and information processing skills. As we exercise, our brain also releases endorphins, chemicals which contribute to the good mood and the feeling of satisfaction.

Adequate Regeneration

If you want your body to revitalize, you have to give it sufficient time to rest. Experts suggest that getting at least seven hours of sleep per day is crucial to overall good health. Furthermore, allow yourself to treat your mind with occasional power naps throughout the day.

Wind Up

Increasing your energy levels and strength naturally will result in an improved quality of life. You can begin working on your diet and physical fitness right now to achieve desired results. Include the vitality-boosting Ayurvedic herbs in your daily diet and see positive results in a short time.


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