Best Ways to Workout Depite Bad Joints, Arthritis or Knee Injuries

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Good workout programs incorporate a healthy mixture of cardio and weight training. But some of you may have suffered injury, undergone surgery or the natural weathering of time has left your joints not as sturdy as they once were. Arguably, even if you are fit as a fiddle, hitting the gym without giving yourself adequate rest times and recovery can lead to achy joints. If this is you consider the following as a week of deluding yourself.

Joint Friendly Exercises

Mobility is one of the founding features of any athlete. You may want to consider a dynamic warm up. This one here is what some professionals use:

Exercises NOT to Do with Bad Knees

Yoga is a big part of Ayurveda. Ayurveda believes that the body should never be over-strained so gentle yoga is ideal. Yoga generally would be a low impact exercise for knees and other joints. But do not let that fool you especially if you are unfamiliar to yoga. Yoga requires focus and you may find yourself in a pool of sweat before you even know it. Start out with this easy to follow video explaining post knee surgery yoga.

If do want to push yourself try Astanga Yoga for low impact on your joints with a thorough workout on your flexibility, mobility and strength. Also you can pack on serious muscle (for you gym-a-holics).

Low Impact Cardio for Joint Pain

Running is probably not your go-to choice if you have a bad back or knees. Every step you take puts considerable pressure per square inch on your joints. Think of running as a battering ram on your joints. You may want to chose an elliptical for a gym as the circular motion removes the impact of you foot stepping on the ground, ergo knee friendly cardio.

What is the Best Low Impact Cardio

Simply put, the best low impact cardio is a form which allows you to achieve the same results, and in some cases better than your average 30 mins on a treadmill. Your options here are varied, you want to use things that mimic the natural flow of joints without the sudden thud of impact. Our top pick (because this is brutal and won’t leave you in agony) just the fun happy agony, is rowing.

You should start any joint-friendly workout, nor ignore any sort of pain without being looked at by an Ayurvedic practitioner or health care physician. You won’t benefit yourself from any of the above mentioned exercises if you end up injuring yourself further.


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