Can Ayurvedic Diet Food Cause Weight Loss? Here’s How

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How to Understand Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a tricky process if you aren’t aware of a few simple tricks. Ayurvedic health care looks at incorporating certain practices like diet and exercise from Ayurvedic teachings which can help you achieve your goal weight.

The simple formula to successfully losing weight and burning fat, is to lose more calories than you consume. For instance, if you normally consume 2500 calories a day, you would need to consume less than 2500. Say around 200 calories less, which is 2300 calories. There are additionally a few factors to consider.

The average male consumes anywhere from 1800 to 2800 calories a day.

The average female consumes anywhere from 1200 to 2000 calories a day.

In order to lose weight, a healthy start would be to have a deficit of 200 calories from your daily consumption. Like mentioned above, if 2500, consider consuming 2300 worth of calories. It is important to understand that you should consider consulting a doctor or nutritionist before taking on the task. The reasons are that any weight management problem may be a cause of a possible underlying health issue. So it’s always better to be in the know.

Ayurvedic weight loss centers around incorporating a healthy diet as well bringing in a healthy exercise routine. A key important element here is diet, remember you can’t lose weight if you are consuming more calories (even healthy calories), and you also cannot out-train bad nutrition. If you are looking for a comprehensive diet plan check this out.

Snacking isn’t always a bad thing. Snacking at appropriate times of the day in small amounts can actually speed up your metabolism helping you burn calories faster. Here are a few Ayurvedic diet food friendly snacks to munch on. Remember to limit this to small quantities. Try these picks to keep you satiated.

A lot of these are low cholesterol snacks as well. You can find more of our healthy snacks options on our page here.

Weight loss may seem complicated but it isn’t: keep it simple work towards small goals daily and revel in the long term results.


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