Can Eating Too Many Veggies Actually Be Bad for You?

by Allayurveda
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Veggies are the ultimate health boosters according to most of us. In fact, you will find that you will often be advised to start eating a lot more vegetables if you are making an attempt at a healthy lifestyle. This is true in most cases. Although there are many health benefits of vegetables, it’s very important to understand which ones are nutritious vegetables and which aren’t. Also, all things are good when taken in proportion. Eating too much of something, even veggies, may not necessarily be the best thing for you.

Disadvantages of Vegetables

There are some negative implications of eating only veggies too.

Balanced Nutrition

Most veggies are low in protein and omega 3 healthy fats. They also contain a high amount of carbohydrates. Vegetables contain a lot of dietary fiber which does not allow the sugar levels to spike in spite of the high intake of carbs. At the same time, eating only veggies does not provide for a healthy balanced diet. The human body requires a certain amount of protein to help build lean muscle tissue and cell repair. One should also try to stick to low carb veggies like mushrooms, cauliflower and zucchini.


Vegetables tend to have a natural astringent and bitter taste whether eaten raw or cooked. This is one of the main reasons why vegetables are not very popular among kids. One has to either sauté, add sugar and spices or herbs while cooking them to make they taste more appealing. Such techniques can take away from the original health benefits of veggies.


Pesticides used in the cultivation of most vegetables also pose a health risk to most consumers. Sometimes these pesticides penetrate into the vegetables and can have harmful effects when consumed. Pesticides can affect the nervous system and affect the development of children. One should try to go for sustainable, grown, fruits and vegetables to avoid the ill effects pesticides.

Apart from some of these not-so- good effects of only eating veggies, the main challenge lies in getting kids to eat them in the first place.

Tips to Help You Eat Vegetables

  • Buy fresh veggies. They will have the best nutrient content and flavor.
  • Try to add a slight twist to your usual vegetable dish. Even small decorations on the plate, adding flavors of cheese and butter will definitely get the kids interested.
  • Start including a salad as a side dish with all meals. Try to mix it up with interesting dressings.
  • Try offering veggie sticks with a dip as a snack instead of chips. Most veggies like carrots and celery taste great with dips.

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