Celebs Who Have Made Workout Fun

by Zan Kokalj
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If you’re also after the body of your favorite celebrity, you should know the truth behind their success. Despite having a financial advantage, celebrities also have to struggle in order to attain and maintain a slender figure and a healthy body.

Their workout regimens are never easy and require a lot of determination. However, they have also shown us that exercising can even be fun and bearable.

Ready to transform your body? Check out how these celebrities who did it without giving up on the fun!

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1. Bipasha Basu

The Bong beauty with a stunning body is admired by many. Her slender shape is what most girls are after, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Bipasha has invested a lot of effort into shaping her body. Even after attaining the desired looks, she still pursues a hardcore regimen.

This gorgeous actress often changes her routine to make training less boring and more effective. The way she sees it, hard work and discipline are the two main components of a fit body.

Basu even released two DVD’s in which she performs rigorous workout sessions that definitely inspired her fans. With loads of fun with workouts, she made sure to give up rice, red meat, and junk food. Instead, she makes sure that her body is well-hydrated by eating vegetables. She starts her day with lukewarm water and lime and overnight soaked almonds and a cup of tea.

2. Shilpa Shetty

As a pranayama expert and a yoga enthusiast, Shilpa Shetty regained her slender body figure in less than 10 months after giving birth. She still sips on her favorite green tea and stays away from sugary fizzy drinks. She is now teaching yoga and participates in cardio and strength training.

Furthermore, she devotes 10 minutes of her time to meditation each day. You can also try some fun aqua yoga poses easily, check out more details here.

According to Shilpa, people who can’t afford a nutritionist or pay for the gym can still have the body of actors. She aims to help them with that and offers countless free instructional videos.

For new moms, Shilpa suggests at least one hour of exercise per day. Besides physical activity, she explains that eating right is also crucial to achieving a slim body. Know more details on how to lead a healthier life here.

3. Akshay Kumar

By staying fit naturally, Akshay has proven that training doesn’t need to involve a gym. He remains in good shape and is having fun with workouts including Parkour, martial arts, and functional training.

According to Akshay, fitness isn’t about developing a bulky body, and he’s completely right. The word fitness, after all, represents the “state of being physically fit.”

Top keys to Kumar’s success:

Winding Up

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Having a body of your dreams doesn’t come without effort. Celebrities know that very well, as they had to make many sacrifices to reach their desired goals. Luckily, they have come up with ways to make workouts more fun and engaging. Staying fit, after all, shouldn’t represent a hassle but a way of living.



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