Change the Trend and Embrace a Simple Lifestyle

by Allayurveda
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Living life in the fast lane can become rather hectic. What about the people out there who don’t want to live a completely materialistic life and instead would like to keep it old school and simple? If you want to slow down and savor life, these simple steps will help you attain that simple Ayurvedic lifestyle you are looking for with natural living.

Simplify Your Life

Lead a simple lifestyle with only basic needs using these tips.

Embrace Organic Products

Organic products are the best way to start living a simpler life. You can start by consuming healthier and more sustainable options in your diet. You don’t have to restrict yourself to only organic food. You can also embrace organic beauty products and clothes to help save the environment and take part in a more natural living approach. You will be surprised at how good it feels.

Get a Basic Cell Phone and Cut the Cable

If you truly want to embrace a simple lifestyle, you have to let go of all materialistic things around you. That includes your fancy cellphone and your TV connection. Simple living is all about natural processes and getting in touch with your inner self. It is also about getting closer to nature, your surroundings and strengthening bonds with people rather than with gadgets. We wouldn’t suggest getting rid of a phone completely. However, get yourself a basic needs-only phone with the bare minimum features. When we say cut the cable cord, we don’t mean literally. What you do is reduce your time spent in front of the television and increase time spent with others.

Clip those Credit Cards

Credit cards only give way to frivolous expenses which you could have otherwise avoided. Start learning to live within your means. Extra expenses incurred by these cards only involve getting yourself in an endless cycle of debt. Try to buy only what you require. Create a budget plan every month with all your expenses. Try to maintain a cash diary and ALWAYS save!

Get Rid of Materialistic Expenses

Expenses like a fancy mobile plan, gym membership, WiFi connections,etc. can actually be considered as frivolous if you really want to live a simple life. You actually won’t realize how much extra you were spending on them until you get rid of them. Instead of a gym membership, try outdoor and natural exercise. Look for WiFi hotspots in and around your neighborhood if you really must use the Internet, but keeping it outdoors is the most effective way to keeping it limited.


One of the best steps to living a more natural life is to start practicing yoga and meditation. You will find that meditation can really help to release a lot of negative and unwanted energy. Yoga can also keep you physically and mentally fit at the same time. Practicing yoga every day will result in you being more positive and so you will radiate positivity around you.


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