Cheat Day or No Cheat Day, Always Snack at the Movies

by Allayurveda
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Don’t we all just love the movies? It does however become exceedingly hard to resist all the options of junk food at movies, especially when you have everyone around you munching away. You don’t need to be too disappointed though, there are quite a few healthy snacks you can enjoy at movies to not feel left out.

Healthy Snack Options at the Movie Theater

Nowadays there are ample snacks you can munch on while watching your favorite flick without having a cheat day.


Many theaters are now offering healthy sandwich options during the interval. They give you the option of choosing whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread too. Apart from this, they also give you the option to choose a grilled meat of your choice with fresh veggies

Steamed Foods

Most of the theaters these days have started offering boiled and steamed foods. You can choose from steamed momos and steamed corn. These are a much healthier option than buying the fried stuff. You can choose a variety of flavors to go with your corn. However we suggest you go old school and ditch the flavor as those can increase the calorie count.


Although a tub of popcorn available at the theater is not your conventional health food, air popped corn has many health benefits. We suggest you go in for the conventional salted popcorn and stay away from the cheese, caramel of butter flavors. These will ensure that you keep the cheat sheet in control.

Natural Fruit Juices

Most theaters now offer natural fruit juices as part of their menu. It’s always better to go for a fruit juice instead of a flavored soda or cola. Even though fruit juices still contain some calories, they also contain some vital nutrients. We would also recommend you buy a bottle of water as a beverage during the movie.

Benefits of Corn

Since corn is one of the most abundantly found food at theaters, we thought we’d list down a few health benefits of corn.

  • Corn is rich in Vitamin B, thiamine and niacin. Vitamin B is essential for maintaining good cognitive function. Corn is also a rich source of Vitamin E which works as an antioxidant.
  • Corn is also known to reduce the risk of heart diseases. It helps keep cholesterol levels in check and reduces the chances of your arteries getting clogged.
  • Corn is rich in many other vitamins and nutrients including iron. This reduces the risk of anemia.

Give these healthy options a go to make sure you don't have more than 1 cheat day!


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