Connect With Nature Treks: Benefits For The Mind, Body, And Soul

by Mradula Mahajan
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Do you also feel inspired by Christopher McCandless from Into The Wild? The guy left everything behind to find himself. His interaction with nature and its beauty including the many characters he met, shaped his life.

While you cannot possibly leave everything behind, nature treks and hikes are a great escape, benefiting our mind, body, and soul.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Nature Treks

nature treks and hikes are a great escape

Improves Overall Fitness

Rock hopping, ascending hills, and climbing around boulders has immense health benefits. It improves our overall physical health. The strength and time put into this rallies positively for better agility and cardio fitness.

Lose Weight

Nature trekking weight loss programs are a real thing now! And they sure beat the gym. If you are carrying a full backpack, it is believed that you lose somewhere around 600 calories per hour.

Reduces Stress

A walk in nature is a long-proven method to reduce stress. Hiking and trekking lessen the impact of stress and anxiety on our mind and motivates us to look forward to better things in life.

Advances Cardiovascular Strength

Can you even argue here? Fresh and clean air of the forest cleans our respiratory tracts undoubtedly!

A refreshed respiratory system aids in keeping up with the additional oxygen demand of the body. This further supports the faster circulation of blood in our body.

Social Benefits

How many times have you dodged calls from relatives and friends to avoid a social gathering? Well, nature trekking is here to help you work on your social skills. It motivates bonding among the members of the group so that everyone can keep up.


Such treks also encourage people to share memories and experiences, leading to increase in acceptance of oneself. Talking with strangers and people from different walks of life will help you say goodbye to anxiety!

Development of Management Skills

If management skills are not your best pursuit, wait till you go on a trek. The planning and organizing required for a hike will prepare you for life. It is not just a physical task but a mental rejuvenation, inspiring you to adapt and adopt.

Cultural Understanding

Nature trekking or hiking will take you back to your basics. You gain knowledge about local people and their culture. It promotes a deeper appreciation of something so different from you, yet flourishing in its prime. Treks provide insights into history, lifestyle and food habits of the different cultures of a land.

How to Pack For A Trek

How to Pack For Trekking Hiking

What is too much and what is too little?

The goal is to be prepared.

Here is an ultimate guide on how to pack for a trek or hike:

  • Your backpack should not weigh you down. Your bag should include trekking pants, thermal innerwear, socks, undergarments, towels, waterproof jacket & pants, nightwear, hiking shoes, and slippers.
  • Always carry a separate camera bag for your DSLR and lenses.
  • Carry extra batteries for your camera only.
  • Pack a dry sack for your gears in case of rain or snow.
  • Other essentials include a headlamp, torch, sleeping bag, water bottle, and walking stick.
  • Taking care of your skin should also be one of your priorities so do not forget to pack chemical-free sunscreen lotion, skin cream, and lip balm.

To Sum Up

Christopher McCandless from Into The Wild hiking trekking

A soothing balm to your mind and body, nature treks are a great way to refresh. The snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and the meadows will calm your mind and strengthen your physical abilities. Nature has a power to provide you with determination to overcome obstacles of life. Rambling on a quest with a bunch of people might just be what you need!


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