Cookie Dough: DIY Whole Wheat Dough at Home

by Allayurveda
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The Jazz about Whole Wheat

So what is it? Why have people suddenly gone crazy for whole wheat? WHAI OH WHAI. First let’s understand what whole wheat is, and why it differs from other wheat types.

What is Whole Wheat?

Whole wheat is the whole grain of wheat, including the husk. The whole grain enchilada if you will. This differs from other types of processed flour because well, it is hardly processed.

Why is Whole Wheat Healthier?

So the common wisdom states that whole wheat and whole grain types of flour are generally healthier for you and your waistline. The reason is that refined flour has all the nutrients and vitamins processed out, while in whole wheat flour it is all still in there.

Also whole wheat is a complex carbohydrate, this takes longer to digest and so is less likely to be stored by fat. This is a bit simplified but that is the TLDR version of complex carbs for your waistline and all you need to know. Now let’s get to the good stuff.

Whole Wheat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

This whole wheat cookies recipe won’t wreak (much) havoc on your waistline and take care of your chocolate cravings as well.

In regards to how to make whole wheat cookie dough to devour before you have anything to place in the oven, or if you do have the willpower to see it through, we have a simple recipe for you to follow along with. However, to be completely Ayurvedic ditch the baking soda (it won’t rise) but will be healthy whole wheat cookies that are divine.

Give that whole wheat cookie recipe a try and tell us what you think on all our socials!


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