Create Your Own Home Rehab with these Natural Practices

by Allayurveda
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Drug addiction is a growing problem among the younger generation. Drug abuse can include substance abuse and alcohol abuse. Although there are many drug rehab centers, wouldn’t it be ideal to create a rehab at home for your loved one? Find out how you can turn your home into a comfortable rehab center and learn how to deal with withdrawal symptoms and other challenges you might face along the way.

Drug Addiction Remedies

These natural remedies will help your loved one fight their addiction without hindering their day-to-day life.


Yoga is one of the best options to cleanse the body and mind of toxins. It helps you achieve mental calm and drives away negative energy. Yoga is generally recommended for recovering addicts as it helps change their mindset positively and teaches them to channel destructive energy into positive movements. Create an ideal atmosphere and build a schedule such that there is at least a one-hour yoga session every day.

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is catching on greatly in most rehab centers to help recovering drug addicts. The ability and responsibility to be able to take care of someone else other than their own needs can have a great positive influence on the mindset. Spending time with animals can also have other natural effects like lowering blood pressure and decreased anxiety. This is the best therapy for someone working through withdrawals. Horticulture therapy also works similar wonders. It is suggested that you should add in one hour of either pet or horticulture therapy every day and you'll see great progress.

Ginkgo Biloba

This ancient herb is extremely useful for those trying to get rid of a drug problem. This herb is used in Ayurveda to improve cognitive function, boost memory and strengthen willpower. It is recommended to start these supplements to help undo some of the damage from a drug addiction.


It is highly recommended that you change the diet of someone who is recovering from a drug addiction. It will help detoxify the body and make way for positive energy. It also helps cleanse the body from much deterioration caused during the addiction phase. Include foods that are rich in antioxidants like berries and colorful fruits and veggies. Whole grains, beans, seeds and nuts are also recommended.

Meditation, art therapy, caffeine and apple cider vinegar are also considered powerful remedies to help combat addictions.


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