Curb Your Sugar-Thusiasim: A Natural Guide to Stop The SweetTooth

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I don’t think there is a person yet to have an ‘uncomfortable’ run in with something sugary. Science tells us that sugar can cause the release of serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain. They are responsible for feelings of happiness and joy. So like everything that would make us happy: like puppies and Robin Williams’ movies we have a propensity to crave it. In contrast however, there is a downside to eating sugar especially if it’s not part of your occasional cheat meal. Sugar has shown to have direct correlations to diabetes, and obesity (globally). Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies have revealed that similar centers of the brain are active as they would be in drug addicts; implying sugar my be addictive. How do we stop sugar addiction though?

All about Sugar Cravings

What are some sugar craving causes? The reasons are fairly simple.

You’re hungry: Feeling the need, the need for sugar is a usually a telltale sign that you may have not consumed the right calories. By right calories we mean fulfilling healthy ones.

Balance: You might have a craving because the balanced diet you think you’re on isn’t actually balanced. In fact, it may be that you’ve carbo loaded on starches while neglecting the protein and fat. Additionally, high sodium foods (salty) leave one with the need to counterbalance that intake with something sweet.

Plain Ole Simple: This is arguably the root cause for the majority of people. You’re used to eating that bar of chocolate after every meal or ice-cream or any sweet treat. The tough love part here is simple. You’ve developed a bad habit.

Whether you are simply trying to cut back on that habit or quit cold turkey here are some of the best ways to stop sugar cravings.

Anti Sugar Feed

A healthy diet is your best bet. Don’t freak out diets can be delicious sans the sugar. With a whole host of options to sate the savage tummy. In fact, competitive athletes who have weened themselves off sugar for over the span of a few years suggest that their taste buds are more active. Almonds are sweet to them now, also quite nutritious in small servings.

Additionally, eating an appropriate diet will allow you to consume more healthy calories, keeping you fuller for longer.

But it doesn’t all have to come down to diet. There are Ayurvedic and natural ways to curb sugar cravings that supplement your meal plan.

Sugar Curbing Supplements

Licorice is a unique little plant has about 50 times the sweetness of your regular store-bought sugar without the hammering to your blood sugar levels. It’s also an anti-inflammatory agent and has adrenaline boosting properties.

If licorice isn’t to your liking try using a cinnamon stick. Not only will it make your brew- brewtastic- cinnamon has thermogenic (fat burning) properties that crank up your metabolism and help you shed a few pounds. It has also shown to dull sugar cravings.

Jambul (Jamun) is a time tested Ayurvedic herb that has been used to balance blood sugar levels in diabetics. Think of this as a remedy to your sticky situation!

Fish oil should be a part of your supplementation regime even if you aren’t trying to stay your sweet tooth. It does so by enhancing your sensitivity to insulin thereby letting your body and your belly know, “Na, I don’t need that cheesecake!”

Needless to say, especially if you are diabetic check with your local GP on introducing a new diet or supplementation regime. That being said these are a top picks for natural ways to curb those sweet, sweet cravings.

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