Cycle Your Way To Good Health

by Zan Kokalj
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The research proving health benefits of physical activity is on a rise and one of the best ways to move and stay active is by cycling. Despite all of the positive findings, people often find it hard to make enough time for it. We’re here to change your mind and convince you to get back on your bike!

Keep on reading and discover numerous health benefits of cycling.

Physical Health Improvement

Cycling is an aerobic exercise. It will help you breathe better, stimulate your heart rate, and improve your blood flow. As all activities of this type, cycling is an excellent way of improving your overall physical fitness.

Regular cycling can help you:

  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness
  • Manage your weight and get rid of body fats
  • Increase flexibility and muscle strength
  • Improve posture, joint mobility, stamina, and coordination
  • Strengthen bones

Still not convinced? Comparing it to other physical activities, here are the top benefits of cycling:

  • It has low impact on your bones and joints
  • It offers complete body workout by using various muscle groups
  • It’s easy
  • You can choose the intensity according to your physical capabilities
  • It’s fun – you can keep moving around

Mental Health Enhancement

Physical activity is proven to reduce stress levels and anxiety. Cycling is no exception. A recent study by the YMCA shows that people who were frequently active have a score of well-being 32% higher than those who are inactive.

How else does cycling help our mental health?

  • A sense of freedom – you are not enclosed/trapped
  • A sense of adventure
  • The feeling of doing something good for yourself
  • A sense of achievement

Financial Benefits

Besides investing in a reliable bike and biking equipment, there are usually no other costs related to cycling. Calculate how much money you spend per month merely for transportation and compare it with monthly bike maintenance costs.

Besides moving around for free, it’s also worth mentioning that biking is pollution-free!

How About Cycling and Work?

Cycling to work will not only benefit your body and mind but will also help you perform better and stay positive.

Increased Performance

By indulging in a physical activity before work, your cognitive abilities will receive a stimulation, providing you with a capability to perform better at your job. Say goodbye to morning fatigue and tiredness. In fact, as you come to/from your work after cycling, you will be more focused and ready to take on new tasks.

Furthermore, endorphins are released as you exercise, which help in fighting stress and pain. They are also responsible for putting you in a good mood, encouraging positivity.

Staying Warm

Are you worried about cold temperatures on the way to or from your work?

Prepare yourself a bottle of warm beverage such as Kairali Taahira Tea and take it with you on your ride! This Ayurvedic gem is an excellent immunity booster and a natural detoxifying and cleansing agent.

Cycling Saves Time

Have you ever been stuck in the traffic and saw a bicyclist drive by carefreely without having to stop? Cycling, as a mode of transport, is highly time-efficient.

Final Thoughts

benefits cycling work

Despite occasional hassles with bad weather situations, cycling offers an excellent opportunity for you to be active while doing other important things such as going shopping or visiting your friend. More and more people are also deciding to use biking as means of commuting as it has been proven to enhance one’s physical and mental capabilities.

From improved fitness level to saving time and money, cycling is rich in various benefits. Get your bike ready and give it a good ride!


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