Dance Away the Extra Kilos: How to Lose Weight by Dancing

by Allayurveda
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What if we told you to dance daily and you would shed those extra kilos in no time? Yes, it’s true! Being footloose can help you lose up to 4 kilos if you keep those toes twinkling. Of course, everyone’s body is wired differently so you might lose weight by dancing faster or slower than others. Like any other weight loss workout, it will depend on how much weight you want to take off the scales. Those with high body mass index or BMI will be more likely to shed 1-2 kilos a week while a person with lower BMI or older age group may only be able to minus 1/2-1 kilos.

Dancing for Weight Loss

The right formula is careful monitoring of your diet, choosing the right moves, picking the perfect tunes and managing your time well, and planning a high-energy dance routine. This is going to help you lose 4-5 kilos over 2 months while having a blast.

Light on your feet, light on your diet

When you start your dancing program, you will need to also keep tabs on your calorie intake. Like with other exercises for weight loss, dancing will also boost your metabolism so you are going to start getting some serious hunger pangs. But even if your body is craving calories, dancing for weight loss will require you to carefully monitor what you eat.

Maintain a food journal and log exactly what you eat and replicate it in the weeks following your dance program. You can also focus on certain food groups like incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Be footloose and fancy-free for 30 mins daily

Managing your dance time on a daily basis is essential to lose weight by dancing. For your dancing exercise program to transform you into a dainty ballerina, you have to strive to make at least 20 minutes 4-5 times a week. Get your heart pumping starting with a 5-minute warm-up and end your session with a 5-minute cool-down. This translates to 30 minutes on your dance calendar.

But don’t make it tedious by watching the clock, make a song and dance routine out of it through music as described in the next section. Set an alarm for your dance exercise routine to help you track your twirling time.

Merry dancing moves

The best way to make the most out of dancing for weight loss is to move your entire body. The classic way to do this is by placing one step forward and bringing the other foot forward, and then going the other way. Throw up your arms to line with your shoulders and that will get your heart to dance to a faster beat. Dance around the room in a quick jog.

You’ll be surprised at how exhausted you’ll be (and how much better your workout) if you keep your legs shoulder-width apart and do a twist, alternating between bending your legs with your arms. Go disco by doing the washing machine-like rotation at chest level. Put some leg and knee lifts in the mix, touching the opposite elbow to the knee. This will give a thorough workout to your abs and legs. Then, it’s all about going with the flow and just keep moving. Swing, sway and just dance up a storm. Dance like nobody is watching!

Be in step with the right tunes

Log onto an online metronome so you can choose your own rhythm. Click on a specific number/music type on the metronome and that will set the tone for the song. Choose music between 88-100 for your warm-up and cool-down sessions. The 20-minute full aerobic time, pep it up to 108-112. Lift your legs to the beat of 104. Pick music that’s going to get you all moving and shaking. Meanwhile, let Pharell Williams inspire you to do your happy dance.


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