Defeat Diabetes with These Ayurvedic Tips!

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What is Diabetes?

When we consume food or drink, our body converts that food into sugars like glucose. Once this is done the pancreas is responsible for producing insulin. Insulin allows for our cells to absorb glucose. A person gets diabetes when this system is damaged or not working properly.

According to the World Health Organization diabetes affects around 380 million people, and is predicted to double by 2030. Diabetes has a higher kill rate than AIDS.

In addition diabetes can be huge drain on a person's emotion, physical and financial resources. In a lot of instances diabetes can also be caused by the onset of poor lifestyle choices and nutrition. This is where Ayurveda can step in and assist in the management of diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Fatigue

  • Weight fluctuations

  • UTIs

  • Poor vision

  • Fluctuations in diet

  • Pain and swelling

  • Thirst or hunger

  • Sexual dysfunction and others

Is there an Ayurvedic cure for Diabetes?

Ayurveda suggests that when the Vata dosha is impaired it causes improper digestion, which in turn leads to diabetes. These manifest in digestive impurities that attack the pancreas. Ayurveda attempts at turning the body around, rejuvenating it, balancing diabetic sugar levels and ensuring no further complications are caused. Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes centre around changing one’s lifestyle, diet and activity levels.

Diet and Lifestyle for Diabetes:

  • In your cooking use garlic, onions, bitter gourd, and raw banana

  • Use grains such as whole grain bread, pastas and brown rice

  • Stay away from sugary foods as a general rule of thumb, these include zero sugar or diet sodas.

  • Incorporate a exercise regiment. Ayurveda recommends yoga. Check out this video below.

Try these tips for diabetes

  • Take two tsp of Karela juice daily

  • Supplement with amla powder or capsules twice daily as well.

These have been shown to help lower blood sugar levels.

Diabetes can be quite serious so if in doubt do not hesitate to contact our doctors for support.


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