Dirty Lovin’ Tips for the Modern Woman from the SATC Girls

by Allayurveda
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Who can deny that Carrie Bradshaw is the role model for modern dating? Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte from Sex and the City all showed what has been happening to the big city dating pool for ages. These girls were so quintessentially New York that we feel another sequel with texting and online dating is something their fans demand and deserve! How would Carrie navigate through a Tinder date? Hmmm… leaves us wondering about the possibilities.

But, what has us glued on the show were the sex lessons for the modern woman that made the show such a winner. In fact, this is one show you can watch with your guy because it has awesome sex advice for men too.

1. Kickstart your inner kink – believe us, it is perfectly normal and not something weird.

Remember Roger Sterling from Mad Men before he was Roger Sterling? Yup, he was Carrie’s smart, funny and successful politician boyfriend – with a golden shower fetish. Well, while that may not be your cup of tea (err…pee) but ask your partner about embracing a fantasy together.

In fact, while we are on the subject of dirty sex tips, let’s just say that fetish sex does not need to be creepy. It can range from wearing those killer heels while doing the deed to the Fifty Shades of Grey-style whole nine yards. Who are we to judge?

2. Never ever have the “if you really want me to” attitude to sex, it turns your partner off.

Miranda said it right. Both partners need to reciprocate feelings to get the other amped up about the act. The law of reciprocity is one of those Universal Laws that will ensure that both partners get Mouth Everest high. If you want to know how to turn a guy on, the easy thing to do is to do what he does. That’s why Position # 69 was invented! That’s because giving and receiving is a two-way street.

3. Practice how to pleasure yourself before you expect your partner to know how.

One of the best sex tips for the modern woman is to practice the fine art of self-pleasuring. You should get to know what feels good for you, which parts of your body are more sensitive to touch. Each of us has a different roadmap to pleasure.

4. Recap the highlights the next morning.

Talk about last night the next morning because men love to know what you think of the experience. To guys, talking about sex is almost as good as having sex. Over your morning coffee, it’s the best time to tell him the highs and lows. You could say something like “I loved it when you did x; next time, it would really be better for me if you did y.” No criticism, just positive feedback.

5. Perfect weddings don’t mean perfect marriages but happily ever afters do happen.

We were saving the best of the sex and relationship lessons for last. Marriage is a long and tough process, but being able to lie in on a Sunday morning (gorging on pizza) sure makes it special. Every healthy marriage goes through three stages: fall in love, fall out of love and fall back in. Despite all the ups and downs, our girls have made their marriages work. Samantha decided her happily ever after was staying by herself – and that’s OK too because it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario.


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