DIY: Transform Your Cold Clothes Into Cool New Stuff

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We at allAyurveda are all for recycling and re-purposing old clothing. Find new uses for old clothes this season. Take a look at these simple DIY techniques to recycle old clothes and turn them into something awesome with new twist.

Old Clothes Hacks

Take a look at some these DIY hacks for your clothes:

DIY T-Shirt Bag

Re-purpose your old t-shirts into a useful cloth bag with this technique.

  • Cut off the hem and sleeves.
  • Also cut of the neckline.
  • Do not make the hole around the sleeves too big.
  • Flip the t-shit inside out.
  • Take ends from the bottom and sew them together.
  • Flip it back to the correct side and there you have it, your very own home-made cloth bag.

You can use it when you’re out grocery shopping or other small chores in and around the market. The best part is that it’s environmentally friendly.

Sweater Pillow Case

  • Take an old sweater and a 12*12 inch pillow.
  • Keep a few big buttons handy and a coordinating thread.
  • Cut a 14*14 piece of the sweater for the front of the case and a 14*18 piece of the sweater for the back of the pillow.
  • Make sure you keep the hem of the sweater intact.
  • Pin the two pieces together inside out making sure the good sides are facing each other.
  • Pin all three non-hem sides together, lining them up evenly and sew them together with a ½ inch seam allowance on the top.
  • Use the zig zag stitch to sew it up.
  • Now turn the pillow case right side out and insert the pillow.
  • Take a small piece of the pillow along with the sweater and sew them together while sewing in the buttons. This will ensure your pillow stays firm in the case and does not come out easily.

T-Shirt Napkins

This is probably one of the easiest DIY hacks out there. It’s extremely eco-friendly and super simple too.

  1. Cut your t-shirt into squares, depending on the size of napkin you want. If your t-shirt has a print, you can try including that in the cut out square.
  2. Now hem all four sides of the square to ensure there are no loose threads and for a finishing touch. Your napkin is now ready. Make up to 3-4 napkins with one old t-shirt.

You can also make lots of other useful things with your old clothes like, denim quilts, t-shirt scarfs and t-shirt raggies and toys for your dogs.


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