DIY Ways to Instantly Be More Beautiful Naturally

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Ayurveda and Beauty Tips at Home

Ayurveda believes that everything is about balance and sometimes making yourself feel and look good can be just about the right amount of tender loving care that you deserve. In fact, several studies show that when people look good they feel comfortable in their own skin, and can therefore even increase their own sense of self worth. Look no further for some au naturel homemade beauty product recipes that will get you feeling great about yourself.

Homemade Ayurvedic Beauty Recipes

With that being said, let’s get after some do it yourself (DIY) organic beauty products and recipes.

Face it

For the ultimate star homemade beauty product recipes, we need to look after the face. Taking care of your face will make you look, fresh, clean and full of energy to take on the world. Not to mention the psychological benefits of taking care of your visage which can correlate to perception and self worth.

Ayurvedic Face Mask

Our top pick in this natural beauty product is a homemade Ayurvedic face mask. Here’s how to make one.

You’ll want to get some sort of organic clay. White Kaolin Clay is our choice and it’s quite mild and full of nutrition for the skin.


  1. 1 tbsp. of clay
  2. Pinches of neem, brahmi and turmeric powder
  3. 2 tbsp. of rose water or raw milk
  4. 1 tsp. of honey

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Mix the ingredients together and store. If you prefer not to use honey, you can use lemon juice instead. Gently wipe your face clean with a damp cloth. Apply gently to your face avoiding the lips and eyes. Let the mask gently work its magic over 10 minutes then rinse and pat your face dry. Then strut your stuff and look amazing!

Coconut Beauty Products for Your Face

We now bring you to the post cleanser you can apply onto your skin. This mixture is like a nourishing balm for your skin. Make it in a small bowl by mixing equal parts of coconut and neem oil. Massage onto your face and neck in upward motion. Let sit for about 20 minutes. Then, gently rinse. You can also sleep with this overnight if you have especially dry or acne-prone skin.

DIY Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, milk beauty products are a surprising front runner. The proteins and enzymes in milk, especially raw milk, promote the hormonal growth in your hair follicles, they can also prevent hair loss from occurring. Apart from the health properties of using raw milk, it acts like a moisturizer for both dry and greasy hair without leaving your hair looking oily. Use some raw milk and gently massage onto your scalp. Leave for 2 mins and rinse thoroughly.

Take the DIY way to make you more beautiful without the fear of toxins.


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