Do You Know Your Dosha Type Relates to How You Hug?

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The Hugging Type for Your Dosha

Let us start this article with a disclaimer. Now where a dosha may be able to suggest a type of personality, our personalities are based on a combination of nature and nurture. Think of humans as giant oven batter, coming out of the oven as muffins of all different shapes and sizes. When it comes to Ayurveda and doshas, it is quite similar. Although we may have certain characteristics of Pitta, Vata, or Kapha how we manifest in those can be quite different. That ranges from our physical traits to emotional ones and how we may express love. For example, through hugging. To find out your dosha type take our quiz here.

Why do we hug?

Hugging has a variety of reasons and benefits. On a basic fundamental note, it is to affirm a social connection between people. There are several benefits of hugging, including the release of endorphins and stress relief which can make you feel great. This sweet video below does a great job of breaking it down for you.

Dosha Types and Hugging

Now with that, dosha types tend to dictate a certain personality type. From that we can draw conclusions on how people may choose to hug others. Once again this is not set in stone, but a fair guideline to draw from.

Dosha Personality Types (And the Hugger in You)

Vata: Vata personality types are lovers of life, full of energy over short bursts of time. They are affectionate to people they care about the most. It appears that Vata personality types are going to hug you with their all if you are close, and probably not hug you at all if you’re an acquaintance.

PItta: Pitta personality types are highly competitive, of keen mind and sharp. They can, however, come off as arrogant and insecure at times or guarded. This makes them great orators but inwardly secretive. They are excellent managers but may not do well with socializing unless it is work related. This makes them the hug-me-not variety, unless for intimate partners or family members. Think of Pitta as buzz off huggers!

Kapha: The huggers, this personality type is easy going, kind, loving, forgiving, and every other good emotion including the kitchen sink. We needn’t say any more, but Kapha types are also are very calm and thoughtful, with boundless amounts of energy. Kapha types are your all round huggers! Think poo bear hunny bunnies!


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