Doing This While You Travel Can Be a Game Changer

by Allayurveda
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Why You Need to Try New Food When You Travel

Wanderlust has hit you, and your bags are packed. A jet-plane is awaiting. The good news is that you’re willing to travel and step out of your comfort zone. Travelling can expose you to a wonderful, wild new world of sights, sounds and people to meet. In fact while traveling, and with the addition of tours and packages you may find yourself outside the Louvre one morning and walking the streets of Prague in the evening. Or perhaps you may opt for a trip with maximum exposure and camp out with the Maasai or have a fire lit feast in Rajasthan.

Whatever your poison, you are in for a new look on life where you breathe in a new perspective of this vast and beautiful world of ours. If you blink you might miss it, so don’t. Along with what you might see, is what you might smell and taste. Food is a huge part of any culture, just ask a Frenchman! In fact, food can be a gateway into exploring new levels within a culture. So if you’ve taken a leap of faith to see a new and unfamiliar place it is necessary to ditch the food you’re used to and try something new.

It’s not that that comfort food isn’t great. It is that almost every single culture has their own version of comfort food so why not try that instead. Here are the top three reasons to expand your culinary taste palate.

1). Variety is the Spiciest Spice of Life

Now we aren’t talking about spicy foods (we aren’t not talking about them either). But we are talking about different flavors. The best part is that you may stumble upon something new and amazing you might have always heard of but never tried. And what better place to try a new type of food than the place where it originated?

Also, you may find food similarities to what you like back home. For example, paella tastes a lot like a mixture of Indian Biryani and Pulao, with the addition of highly aromatic paprika. That and some amazingly fresh seafood elevates the dish to complement its coastal origins. Different not similar, but absolutely delicious.

2). Expand Your Culinary Repertoire

So you’ve taken the plunge to the deep end and tried some new food. Your mind has been blown. Perhaps you’re thinking, gee I would love to try making this at home. Well, go ahead and do just that. A simple and easy conversation starter is to ask someone ‘What’s this made of?’

It sounds so simple, but you may be surprised with some unusual ingredients that go into creating a local cuisine. And even more so, of how some simple common ingredients you may have in your own pantry can be elevated to new and exciting cultural flavors. Ethiopian cuisine comes to mind. Completely divine.

3). What It’s all About

So food is the center point for most cultures. Whether it is a sit down meal, a milkshake with a friend or a feast during a festival. Food has various religious, social and professional benefits as well. Understanding the importance of food in a culture is to understand a key insight into the way a certain group of people live their lives.

In some Middle Eastern countries it is part of their culture to always offer a guest a meal, even if the person is a stranger. In Italy food is a familial occasion, and the fare is rich and hearty. On Sundays in Australia, friends and family alike get together for drinks and a barbecue before the work week – Sunday Funday! These practices, which are seen in various cultures, not only provide great food but allow you to experience what make people from all over the world beautiful.


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