Dont Let the Fear of Damaging Your Hair Spoil the Holi Fever

by Allayurveda
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With Holi just around the corner, we thought it would be important for you to prepare to save your precious locks from those scary chemicals in the Holi colors. Although Holi is the festival of colors and everyone anticipates it weeks in advance, we all secretly dread what’s going to happen to our hair and skin after the big day. We came up with a simple three step process with hair care tips on how to protect your hair from Holi colors this season.

Step 1: Oiling Is the Key

This one comes with no surprise, everyone knows it’s best to oil you hair before you go out to play. What we sometimes miss is the best method to follow and the best oils to use. Let’s start with the scalp. If your scalp has the tendency of getting dry, you should first massage it with warm coconut oil. Alternatively, you can go with olive oil or castor oil. These are moisturizing oils which will keep your scalp hydrated and form a protective layer around it. Once you have massaged the oil into the scalp, take a moist warm towel and wrap it around your head or about five minutes to seal the oil in.

Next comes oiling your hair, for this one you should try to go for essential oils. You can go with a jojoba and rosemary mix, or even juniper berry. These will protect your hair and prevent the chemicals and colors from staying in your hair and making them brittle.

Step 2: Reigning It In

Never leave your hair open when you’re going out to play. Tie your hair into a tight bun. If buns aren’t really your thing then you can braid your hair firmly, or tie them into a tight double ponytail. Okay, so this may sound a little obvious, and may not look the best but trust us, it’ll work wonders. Try covering your hair in with a cap or a bandana, you can even use a shower cap to shield your hair. This way you have to worry about lesser areas getting stained.

Step 3: Washing It Away

Rinse your hair with plain, cold water immediately after you get home. Once you have removed the colors completely with plain water then you can use a mild shampoo and conditioner. We would recommend using a herbal shampoo at this stage for an all natural haircare experience.

Once you have washed your hair, take some yogurt, a few drops of rosemary oil and a few drops of lemon which targets dryness and dandruff in particular. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave it in for about 30 minutes, then rinse. This will revitalize your hair and bring back the moisture.

Make sure you follow this simple Holi precautions guide to keep your lovely locks safe this holiday.


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