Easy Instruments to Bring Some Music Back in Your Life

by Allayurveda
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Music is a getaway from all things bad for most of us. Who doesn’t like to sit back and relax after a ‘hard day’s night,’ and listen to your favorite tune? Music is like an escape for some. Are you a music enthusiast and have always dreamt of playing some instrument yourself, but never really got down to it? Guess what, find some of the easiest musical instruments to learn here.

Before you pick an instrument to learn, you might want to consider a few things, like whether you are learning because you would like to play professionally, for leisure or as your own mental stress buster. Music can prove to be a great ‘de-stressing’ therapy which ultimately helps in sound mental health and overall general well-being. You might also want to consider what kind of space you have, what kind of practice time you will have, and whether you are going to hire a teacher or self learn. There will always be YouTube to come to your rescue.

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ right? Well, in this case it does. Any musical instrument will require a good deal of time invested and a constant practice plan if you want to get really good at it. Oh, and you can do away with the myth that new instruments are really difficult for adults to learn, it’s not, really! You might also want to consider what genre of music you like before you choose. So choose your instrument wisely, because if you don’t really love it, you’ll never really stick with it. Don’t forget to be patient with yourself. Let’s get to some of the best musical instruments for beginners.

Ukulele: It’s so cute, and it’s easy peasy

An ukelele is generally used in Hawaiian music, although there has been a considerable increase it its use in pop music lately. An ukelele has only four nylon strings, as compared to a guitar which has six, and is easier to strum. An ukelele sounds really sweet once you have a catchy tune to go with it. It’s much easier to get a hang of compared to a guitar. The ukelele is not too expensive either. So all in all the ukelele is one of our top picks among musical instruments that are easy to learn.

Bongo: Sway to the beat

Bongos are amazing percussion instruments. If you love salsa, then the bongo is definitely your calling. Bongos originated from Cuba and are a much simpler version of a full drum kit. They will still give you a sweet percussion experience though! It’s also used in Latin and Cuban music. So you can go with the Afro-Cuban jazz vibe with these babies.

Harmonica: For those sweet, sweet harmonies

Whether you’re a fan of jazz, blues or country music. The harmonica is a great choice for adult learners. It blends well with all kinds of music. It’s portable so you can carry it with you wherever you go. It’s extremely easy to pick up, and it’s very difficult to sound bad on a harmonica. So if you’re pressed for time, pick this champ.

Tambourines: Don’t underestimate them

You can’t really go wrong with a tambourine. This super easy musical instrument is a big hit. It will go with all genres, and adds a pep to whichever song you choose to join in to. The tambourine is basically a percussion instrument with metal disks on the sides that adds the jingle jangle to your tunes.

Triangle: Yes, it’s real and it’s good!

The triangle is another percussion instrument which is so easy to play, it almost requires no skills. You should be good with your timing though. You know that little ding-a-ling that you hear every now and then in some of those really catchy tunes? Those all come from the triangle. Some really advanced artists play it so well and so fast, it just changes the whole experience of the song.

There you have it. We’ve made the list, now you make the pick. Hope you enjoy it.


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