Eating this Unexpected Superfood can Help You Shed Pounds

by Allayurveda
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Dark Chocolate: Superfood Benefits

Chocolate, the object of heartfelt affection for millions of people. Dare we say millions? Yes, we will stick with that. Millions. And for great reason because chocolate is packed full of sugar, and sugar has known to have similar qualities to addictive drugs and opiates. Also, chocolate has been heavily romanticized and promoted to be synonymous with the language de amour. It is has even been said that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Here's the science on that. But here is some new science regarding a specific type of chocolate and weight loss. The winner: Dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate for Weight Loss

You might be thinking how does dark chocolate, or any chocolate for that matter, go with weight loss? So let’s set a few boundaries, the type of chocolate is dark chocolate with 75% or higher percent of cocoa. This will reduce the amount of sugar in the chocolate bar. Also, this type of chocolate is also eaten as a treat now and again to sate your sweet tooth. You cannot chow down on this all day everyday in unlimited quantities and expect to lose weight. In fact, you couldn’t eat unlimited quantities of kale all day everyday and lose weight. Moderation is key. That being said though there are a few extra dark chocolate weight loss benefits to uncover.

OK so there isn’t a dark chocolate diet plan for weight loss. But here are a few ways it can help.


Consuming a little dark chocolate every now and then can cut sugar cravings. A high quality dark chocolate can give you just enough of a sweet tooth quickie to sate hunger pangs, as well as sugar cravings.

Dark chocolate has higher levels of flavanol opposed to milk chocolate. Flavanol is a plant-based nutrient, that studies have shown to reduce blood sugar levels as well as body fat. Additionally, the high fiber content in dark chocolate has been shown to be able to regulate one’s appetite. Naturally, foods like broccoli will be able to the same for you as well.

The Journal of Proteome Research has also linked dark chocolate with stress reduction. Controlling stress, especially the cortisol hormone is crucial, as high levels of cortisol can lead to an overconsumption of food. Eating dark chocolate can also release serotonin and dopamine in your synapses (think of them as happy neurotransmitters).

Recovery for Growth

You may be hitting the gym hard, and the flavanols in dark chocolate reduce inflammation and promote cell growth. Now we're sure you are thinking about how much dark chocolate a day for weight loss?

Think of it as a small reward, a block or a tiny bar at the end of your day as a sweet treat. Not more! Your body and your waistline will thank you for it.

For a boost of energy as well as a dark chocolate benefit try these little delicious bites here. But remember everything in moderation.


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