Eggspectations and Reality: Fast Facts on Eggs Nutrition

by Allayurveda
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Eggs synonymous with the proverbial beefcake breakfast. You’ve probably seen Sly Stallone in Rocky down these raw, used as hangover cures, and for most commonly for the greatest meal of all. Egg protein pound for pound are denser in the magical P word (protein) than chicken breast. SO yeah, they’re a great protein source and great for building muscle. But eggs aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

Puns aside, there are a few facts about eggs nutrition to be in the know about. For someone looking to put on muscle regardless if you’re a man or a woman the trick is simple: 1 gm of protein for 1 lbs of bodyweight. That’s it, and no ladies you will not get bulky. There has; however, been a rustle in the weeds though, whisper that has seeped to the surface pitting the coveted egg whites against whole eggs.

Egg White Benefits

So what are egg white benefits? Well, having egg whites is generally a means to avoid the fat from yolk, and ‘bad’ cholesterol. So it’s leaner, and a great source of protein, but you probably already knew that. The clincher is the yolk’s cholesterol is not ‘bad’ cholesterol, nor is it linked to heart disease. That is a bunch of outdated phooey.

Egg Yolk Benefits

Here’s the deal – egg yolks do nothing to increase the chance of heart disease and stroke. In fact, a study showed that it boosted the participants good cholesterol levels. Which in retrospect was the opposite of commonly held beliefs about egg yolk. In essence that they were greasy little plugs that caused plaque and blocked arteries. This was debunked.

Additionally, egg yolks have other nutrients that are heard pressed to come across in an egg white diet. The yolks contains choline, carotenoids and zeaxanthin which benefit the brain and eyes, and acts as an antioxidant respectively.

Another study examined participants eating 2 eggs for breakfast over 8 weeks. The study revealed a 65% increase in weight loss by including eggs in their brekkie. Also a 34% decrease in their waistline.

Ditching the yolk may not be the best course of action. As is evident that egg yolk’s benefits can easily outmatch those of egg whites.

Something people tend to overlook is how you cook the egg. You could have the most organic amazing beautiful egg in the world, but covering it in salt, bacon fat and condiments is going to reduce the nutritional value of it.

It’s Better Eggy

Your best bet with eating eggs is to make sure they are fresh. Doing so will ensure they have the highest quality of macro (carbs, proteins, fats) nutrients, and micro (vitamins, minerals) nutrients. Pro Tip: Place your eggs in a jar of water. Fresh eggs sink, while older eggs float. All this egg talk has probably worked up your appetite, trust Heston to fix that for you with the perfect poached egg.


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