Embrace the Chill with These Ways to Cool Your Pitta Dosha

by Allayurveda
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Pitta Cooling Summer Tips

The summer months coupled with the sticky humidity from the monsoons can really lay waste to your body if your Pitta dosha is aggravated. This brief guide here talks about the best ways to beat the Pitta dosha imbalance naturally.

What Dosha Are You?

A dosha is a natural energy that flows within all of us. These energies represent the various elements, Pitta dosha = Fire + Water, Vata dosha = Air + Ether, and Kapha dosha = Earth + Water. Now we are all made up of varying levels of these three doshas to varying degrees, and they each imply different things. For example, one person may be more of a Pitta dosha compared to a Vata. Pitta is primarily associated with Fire, or heat and this person may then experience certain benefits and indeed not so beneficial traits of the Pitta dosha. To find out more about your dosha, take our quiz. The great news here is that dosha imbalances can be rebalanced naturally. In the case of the Pitta dosha this can be done with body cooling foods, tea, or even yoga for Pitta dosha.

Pitta Dosha Diet

Ayurveda strongly supports the idea of what we consume has a direct correlation to our body outwardly. This is a no brainier. Think of eating poorly and it impacting your weight. In the same manner, what we eat and drink can affect our Pitta.

Let’s start with what we drink. To rebalance our Pitta dosha you will want to have tea. Our top pick is a simple rose tea. This tea works on balancing the Pitta dosha. Not only does it taste great, but the cooling rose helps with your Pitta dosha. Another Pitta tea benefit is that rose can help with your digestion, and stress to boot!

When it comes down to your chow, chow down on these rules. The foods you want to eat need to be cooling. No, we are not saying pass up on a hot meal, nor would we ever! But incorporate raw veggies and fruits, these are naturally cooling and a raw salad never hurt your waistline.

Eat dry foods opposed to overly oily foods. The oil can bog down your system and your digestion. Making you feel especially weighed down during the summer months.

Stay away from warming foods, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol. That includes a nice frosty cold one! Sorry people.

Yoga for Pitta Dosha

The Pitta dosha benefits most from cooling and heart-opening yoga poses. Below is a list of poses to try to help balance your Pitta dosha, watch below:

Ardha Matsyendrasana




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